Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


14. Why so alone?

“Can we go talk somewhere else, please?” He shouted to my ear. I wasn’t looking at him, my eyes were trying to focus on something else. I held my fists so tightly, just trying not to breathe his scent in and  then faint. “Talk about what?” I retorted. He exhaled and added: “Helen, please…” “Harry I don’t have time for this so please…” His hand suddenly gently squeezed my elbow. “Helen…” I cut him off. “I have to go…” Then I released myself and quickly walked away. I wasn’t proud of me exactly, but I knew anything he would say wouldn’t change my mind. I am not stupid. I know what I saw. He was fully enjoying the time with that really nice, polite and apparently really intelligent girl. So what? He´s not your boyfriend Helen and he never was. You have maybe overdone it a little. Just a little, don’t worry. And maybe it wasn’t necessary. Maybe you acted silly. Maybe you should let him explain it. Maybe you should stop. Fuck. He was too far away from me, I couldn’t just scream his name and expecting he would come eventually. There was no option how to fix this already screwed up situation. Well, there was one, maybe not so sophisticated but it was a solution after all. Get drunk. Quickly!

I haven’t seen Ellie for an hour so I assumed she is somewhere with Zayn or something. I am not thinking so clearly since I´ve already got 5 shots of vodka. I might look like a looser here, my head resting in left hand, while sitting at the bar. “Hey…” I must have blinked a few times to recognize the man who spoke up to me. “Hi.” I added. He wasn’t familiar. Actually I have never seen him before. “It is you!” He said and smiled at me. “What?” I asked annoyed. “Breakfast show, every morning… I know you!” He pointed his forefinger at me and smiled again. “Cool.” I responded and took a sip of coke. “I am Colin…” He leaned to see me better. “I am Helen.” I added and smiled politely. My body language was actually trying to get rid of him. I wasn’t in a mood for some Colin. Then I looked at him a little more. He was tall. I just assumed since he was sitting. He had this actually really cute stubble. He looked kind of intellectual. Maybe because of that blazer he was wearing. Then I noticed he had white sneakers which refuted it all. When Harry has his blazer on, he is always wearing the most elegant and classy shoes. Why did I mention him? Oh God. “Why so alone?” He spoke up after moment of silence. “I am not alone, technically I am but  on purpose… I like this way so…” He smiled. “And what about you?” I asked him politely. “Well, I saw this really pretty girl sitting at bar all alone so I decided to come over and say hi to her.” I laughed and shook my head. He whistled at the bartender and pointed two fingers at him. That bartender nodded and started to pour two more shots of vodka into crystal white glasses. “That´s really nice of you but I think I…” He cut me off. “Please, have a drink with me?” He raised his eyebrows in kind of cute way. “I-I-I think I am good.” “It looks like you were trying to drown something in alcohol.” He pointed at 5 empty shots. “Kind of…” I replied. “So the one more won´t harm you…” I laughed. He was right I think I can handle more than this. “Here…” He was suddenly holding two shots in his hands. I took one and threw it quickly to my stomach. “Can we get two more please?” I shouted at the bartender while making an eww face. He nodded and I smiled at Colin. “I am a strong one!” I added and lost balance on that chair. He giggled “I see that.” I feel so wasted right now. I don’t care where Ellie is or Zayn or whoever. I was craving for this. Suddenly I don´t feel responsible for anything. I finally feel so freaking careless. “Who are you Colin?” I asked. He didn’t reply. He just shook his head. “What mysterious Colin?” I added. “How come I have never met you before?” he added. “Well, you were maybe too busy with Nicky so you just…” He got confused. “Who´s Nicky?” “God. Forget about it. I am too drunk.” “I assume she is the one you want to drown in that vodka.” He laughed. “You´re really sensible man, Colin!” I added and took a deep breath. “I like you!” I pointed my shivering finger at him. He smiled and added: “I was going to say the same thing…” Then I stood up from my chair and took his hand. “I need you to go with me…” He smiled and obeyed.

We got through the crowded dance floor and aimed to main exit when someone´s hand pulled my shoulder. “Helen, where are you going? And who is this?” It was Ellie and Zayn.  “That´s Colin, Colin this is Ellie and Zayn.” I introduced them. However Ellie didn’t look pleased.  I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal. They looked more like my parents then my friends. “You´re drunk…” Ellie added worriedly. “YES! I AM DRUNK! Woohoo! I am drunk arrest me now!” “Helen, stop…” Zayn replied. “Can we go now Helen?” Colin asked annoyed and pulled my hand. “Of course, Mummy, daddy excuse us…” I winked at them and continued in my way outside.

We were finally outside the club when I noticed someone watching me. Colin´s hands were all on me, tracing my waist and my back. I felt his wet kisses on my neck but I didn’t pay any attention to him. I was observing that man in dark corner. I must know him, his figure is so familiar… “God I was waiting for this the whole time…” Colin whispered while kissing my ear. “Wait, Colin…” I didn’t reply I was still so focused on that corner. He didn’t wait though. His hands were suddenly under my shirt, traveling through my naked skin. I suddenly felt sick. “Stop Colin, I don’t want to…” Now I was trying to get his sneaky hands off me but I wasn’t strong enough. “Please…” I shouted helplessly. “GET OFF FUCKER!” Then I suddenly felt someone pulling me away from that bastard. My drunk brain suddenly realized who was that person in the corner. I recognized his scent and these strong and protective arms. I recognized tattoos on his hand either. And the watches he was wearing. Harry. Colin took a few steps backward. “Ok, Ok…” He raised his hands above his head. I was trying to absorb what had just happened. I really let someone who I actually saw the first time touching me and leaving kisses on my neck? Colin now didn’t look attractive at all. “LEAVE, NOW!” Harry angrily ordered and Colin actually left that second.  It was silence for a while. I was still drunk and feeling sick, I got black in front of my eyes and lost a balance. I looked at the ground and realize the whole world was spinning around. Harry´s hand suddenly got me and saved me from a really bad fall. “Helen… Helen… do you hear me?” The kindness in Harry´s voice calmed me down and assured me I was safe now. “I am sorry…” I slowly added and closed my eyes. The ground stopped spinning for a while then. “Hey…” He pulled me closer to him and my head was suddenly resting on his shoulder. It was so chilly outside my teeth started to chatter. “Do you make it to go inside?” He asked me while we were swaying with the wind. “I-I don’t know…” I replied. I was halfway sleeping. Or dying. I didn’t know the difference that time. “Ok…” Then he pulled his phone out off his coat and dialed some number. “Zayn?... Yeah yeah… she is here with me, come outside ok? Quickly!” I sighted. “It´s ok…“He added and caressed my hair. “I was mean to Ellie and Zayn, Harry…” I replied but it didn’t make any sense. He laughed a little and then I totally dropped out.

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