Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


11. Up all night.

Ellie´s P.O.V

“Where did they go?” I asked Zayn in the middle of our conversation, when I noticed Harry and Helen weren´t in a room. “Well, they, ughm Harry needed something… I don’t know exactly.” Zayn looked confused. It looks like he was just trying to find a proper lie. And he actually did. I wasn’t so curious where did they disappeared. “Obviously…” I added and grinned at him. He laughed and yawned. “You should go to bed Zayn, I don’t want to risk taking you to bed lying on my back. I am not sure I could make it through the staircase.” Zayn chuckled. “I don’t want to go to bed, yet.” God, he is so damn cute right now. “Yet? Ok then. I am prepared to stay here till the sunrise. But you won´t make it, I can see how sleepy you are…” He cut me off. “That´s a challenge Ellie?” He yawned again and I bursted in laugh. I stood up but Zayn´s hand pulled me back. “Where are you going?” His eyes got widen. “You´re tired Zayn, lets go sleep, ok?” I waved my hand and pulled his hand so he could stand up. He smiled at me and I was speechless. We were both walking side by side upstairs and I wasn’t sure what to say. We both stopped in front of my room. “Good night Zayn…” I added and he sighted. “You too Ellie…” The last look at him before going to bed must guarantee me a sweet dreams right?  

When I closed the door I noticed no one was there. I mean I knew Helen was with Harry. However at least I expected Em will be there. Obviously she is in boy´s room, since there are only two bedrooms. I smiled and make my bed. I quickly changed into my favourite pj and jumped under the duvet. As I was lying there, the only thing I saw was Zayn. He is so unpredictable and smart, how could I make a bond with him in 2 days like this?  This really freaks me out.  Somehow I am not into sleeping at all. I could definitely stay up all night with him till the morning. Girls are somewhere enjoying the night meanwhile I am waiting for them like a grandma. Agh fuck it! I stood up from bed and went to hallway. I could just stay there and wait for Helen. Just to pretend there is a better wifi connection then in a bedroom or something. I didn’t want to be in that room for any longer or my brain would have blown off! As I was gently and quietly closing the door someone´s hand landed on my shoulder. I shouted: “OH! You scared me!” God he really freaked me out. “I am sorry, but like I´ve told you, I don’t want to sleep.” Zayn´s eyes were meeting mine for too long so I quickly looked down. He added: “And you either obviously!” He giggled. “I was just, I couldn’t… I am not…” W.H.A.T. are you doing Ellie? Zayn laughed loudly and I joined him. “Ok, I can´t fall asleep either.” I admitted. Then we both turned our heads to boys room, since we heard Em´s giggle. “She is still there?” I asked and pointed my finger to that door. He nodded. “Yep, they are making fun of Niall together.” “Obviously!” I added when Louis´s, Liam´s and Em´s laughter echoed through the whole hallway. “So what´s the plan?” Zayn quickly changed the subject. He was smiling from one ear to another as his right hand went through his messy hair. “Hey, you two!” Harry was suddenly standing next to us. He looked surprised. I wasn’t going to answer Zayn´s question while he was there too. “Why are you two looking at me like that?” Harry added and laughed.  Zayn and I didn’t say a word. “Where´s Helen?” I spoke up finally to break the silence. “I don’t know… why what why are you asking me that?” Harry was acting weird. “You two were discussing something outside and I thought…” Zayn suddenly cut me off. “Look she is right here!” He pointed his finger at Helen standing right next to Harry.

She looked confused. I was confused. Harry was definitely confused and Zayn looked like the only one who knew what´s going on. I´ve waited for someone to clear things up but nothing. I sighted. “Is everything all right?” They were just looking at me and I suddenly got tired. “You´re weird…” I furrowed my eyebrows and observed them. Something was on. And I had no idea what was that. “Ok, good night!” All of sudden Helen spoke up and quickly walked into our bed room. As she closed the door Harry added. “Good night too!” He raised his hand and then quickly went to bedroom on the other side of that hallway. Zayn was suddenly laughing and I had no idea why. “Am I the only one who finds this strange?” I asked Zayn and he shook his head. “ I don’t think so.” He responded and giggled. Obviously he knew the truth. “I think I am going to ask her for an explanation.” I added: “We can repeat our sleepless night some other day.” “Can´t wait already.” Zayn spoke up and smiled at me. “Good night Zayn.” “Good night Ellie.” I looked over my shoulder if he was already inside but as I turned my head I noticed he was still standing there, without movement, waiting for me to leave first. I quietly smiled and shook my head. How funny was today, well… I mean yesterday. 

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