Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


15. The note on my wrist.

Ellie´s P.O.V:

“What he said?” I pulled Zayn by his shirt after the phone call with Harry. Zayn briefly looked at me since he grabbed my hand and led us outside the club. “Where´s Helen Zayn?” I asked relentlessly. When we got outside, Zayn pointed at the couple in the dark. Street lightning didn’t reach on the spot where they were standing. “Right there…” Zayn added. “Helen?” I shouted worriedly. She was leaning against Harry without consciousness. She must have drunk a lot I assume. I am not sure I have ever seen here wasted like this. Zayn was still holding my hand since we have run out of the club. He didn’t release the grip since then. And me either. “Let´s get her to car boys…” I went closer to Helen and moved that messy strands of her honey hair away from her face. “You can´t drive Ellie, you´ve been drinking…” Zayn added. He got a point. Helen was the driver here and none of us expected she would get drunk. “I didn’t drink…” Harry added. “Zayn, mate, help me get her to my car, it´s right there!” Zayn immediately helped Harry to grab Helen and we walked to Harry´s car. It lasted a while since Harry couldn’t find car keys. I was so glad no one saw us like this. Helen was totally dropped out, it might look like we were trying to hide her dead body. When Harry opened back door, they gently laid her inside. I sat right next to her and covered her with my leather jacket. Zayn sat on passenger seat and turned to me. “Are you both ok there?” He asked and smiled at me. I smiled back and blushed a little. I wonder how would things end up if we didn´t have to deal with drunk Helen. I was with Zayn the whole time. Even though we were just talking the tiny part of myself believed it could move a little forward. Although the whole Ellie was trying not to kiss him the very first second he appeared next to me. “Go forward and then turn left, you´ll see the sign there.” I navigated the driver since he looked a little confused. “Thanks…” He smiled and looked to rearview mirror. Our eyes met and I smiled.  Harry was so calm. At least he seemed to be. I wonder what happened outside. Harry and Helen are friends, but there is something between them. I don’t know maybe she doesn´t like him and pretends she does or I don’t know. Because every time I mention his name she gets weird and immediately changes the subject. Although Harry doesn’t. He smiles every time he sees her or talks to her. He is genuinely good to her, I just don’t understand their relationship. Helen suddenly spoke up. “Harry I am sorry…” She must have been speaking from sleep. “Shhh… it´s ok…” I assured her and caressed her cheek. “Why is she sorry?” I leaned up front. No one replied. They just looked at each other and continued in silence. “Ok then… we are here!” I added when I recognized her neighborhood. Harry stopped the car and parked next to some red Bentley. “I´ll take her upstairs but you guys should help me…” I added and waited for a reply. Harry and Zayn looked again at each other. “Boys, seriously I don’t know what´s going on but please focus…” I angrily added. “No, Ellie…” Zayn objected. “What?” I asked. Harry cut Zayn off. “You two will take my car and get back to the party. I´ll take care of Helen. Alright?” Harry wants us to go back? Well, I am for it, but I don’t know about that take care of Helen –part. “Are you sure?” I asked him while watching Zayn. He was smiling. I swear he was smiling! “Ok… this is the key to the building and this… is to her front door.” I gave him keys Helen had buried in her purse. “Alright… Zayn help me get here to the door…” Harry was suddenly standing out of his car. He opened the door and gently took Helen´s still body. Zayn was already in front of the door. He was holding them until Harry disappeared in the dark hallway. It is just me and him now. “It was your plan from the beginning, wasn’t it…” I shouted while he was walking back to the car. I was outside leaning against the passenger door. “Well, technically just Harry´s. I just didn’t object.” He grinned and raised Harry´s car keys in the air. “I must admit you two are pretty good. Although I don’t want to go back to that party…” “Me neither…” Zayn added and we both laughed. “Let´s just waste his fuel…” Zayn added and I bursted in laugh. “That´s sounds bloody good…” I responded and added “I don’t think Helen would  be so pleased when she found Harry in the morning though…” Zayn grinned and shook his head. “You have no idea…” I didn’t understand but I didn’t ask why after all. We got to the car and I let Zayn led us wherever he wanted.


I woke up at the sound of music. I hardly opened my eyes and couldn’t remember when I turn on the music.  Then it hit me. I didn’t. I was so wasted last night but under no circumstances I didn’t turn that music on. I didn´t even recognized it. I stood up from the bed and went to find something clean to put on. Then it hit me again. I was wearing clean shirt. I sniffed to it and there´s no way I was wearing it yesterday at the club. I must have changed my clothes when I got home. Wait, how did I get home? I couldn’t drive. I was drinking the whole night. What happened last night after all? I buried my hands to my messy hair and noticed that something was written on my wrist.

I went to grocery store. I´ll be back at 10.  –H.

What the f… Who´s H?? He clearly doesn’t know about the paper. Then it hit me for the third time. H is for Harry, right?

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