Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


8. The morning after.


“The last thing I remember was Em and Niall playing the bottle on their own.” I said with a full mouth while cutting the omelette. “This is really good Zayn, you´re a pretty good chef.” I winked at him and finished the last bite. Zayn was the only one already woken up. “Thank you Helen.” He turned to me and smiled . He was cutting a vegetable so I could observe him from behind. He could be a model if he wanted to. But he is too smart for it. I laughed at my inside joke and shook my head. I was sitting on the bar chair, the already emty plate lying on my knees. “You like Ellie.” I finally spoke up. I know he does. He suddenly stopped and turned to me. He didn’t say a word. His eyes were meeting mine but there was no chance I could have seen an answer there. “Because she does.” I added and stood up, not expecting him to reply. I put that emty plate to washing machine and straighten my shirt, since it was revealing my whole back. “Really?” His hand suddenly rested on my shoulder. I just smirked and left the kitchen. Girls were still sleeping, I could hear them breathing heavily. I wasn’t sure who else, apart from me and Zayn, was awake until I heard someone in bathroom. I knocked on the door, while I wanted to brush my teeth. “Common in!” Someone shouted I couldn’t tell who since his mouth was full of tooth paste. I slowly opened the door. It was  Harry. When he saw my surprised face expression he giggled. I smiled at him and asked him to move a little so we both could stand in front of a sink. We were brushing teeth together as an old couple. Well I must have laughed. He joined me. When I wiped all the tooth paste out of my face I noticed Harry´s eyes watching me in the mirror reflection. I turned around and leaned against the sing with my hands. “What…” I was smiling at him. Well I am smiling every time I am with him but… He shook his head. “Nothing, nothing…” Then he took a towel and buried his face in it. I briefly looked at the door, they weren´t totally closed. I knew this was totally normal bathroom situation but I couldn’t have risked anything. So I took a one step forward and shut them totally. Harry was sitting on the edge of a bath tube. He was suddenly smiling from ear to ear. I couldn’t have blamed him. Our secret meetings were really mischievous.  “I see you have started to enjoy our secret sessions.” He added while I was brushing my hair. He was still observing me. “I like your hair loosen.” He added while I was doing a ponytail. Ok. I´ll make him happy. I put that black rubber band to my hoodie pocket. Harry smiled and stood up.  “Just like this.” His fingers were playing with my blond strands and I wasn’t sure I could have made it through. It felt so good. He was so gentle with me. I closed my eyes and let the other Helen enjoying it since the wiser Helen was screaming inside of me. After a while I realized my head was resting on his naked shoulder. Well did I forget to mention he was shirtless? Nevermind, I am mentioning it now. Well, I could feel his hands traveling through my back. I should stop it, RIGHT NOW! “I shouldn’t be doing this…” Then I gently pulled away and took my toothbrush. Harry just sighted. “I don’t know what to do with you Helen.” I felt guilty because of my behaviour. Sometimes I act recklessly and don’t even realize how it affects Harry. But I don’t want it to stop at all! “If you don’t want to do this anymore I totally understand and never do…” He cut me off. “Helen no. I am not planning to stop. You worth all this sneaking.” I smiled at him and suddenly felt the enormous desire to kiss him. And I did. But only on his cheek. He sighted.  “We missed the good night kiss though.” He added and made me laugh. “Well we shouldn’t forget tonight, then.” I replied and walked out of that tempting room.

When I changed my clothes, I went to check downstairs. Everyone was sitting at the round table, enjoying the morning coffee. Well, maybe not exactly enjoying. Em looked terrible. She was cuddled in Niall´s sweatshirt and holding a hot cup in her small hands. “Good morning everyone!” I shouted while walking down the staircase. “Don’t be so loud…” Em whispered and closed her eyes. I laughed. Ellie was in kitchen, pouring strawberry juice to glass. Zayn was in kitchen too, leaning against the kitchen counter. They were having apparently a funny conversation since Ellie bursted in laugh. Zayn joined her. They looked really cute together. I knew Ellie is into him. I could tell from her behaviour when we got here. And clearly Zayn feels the same. God knows, what has fate in store for them. I feel that many things. I was so pensive, that I didn’t even realize Niall was kneeling next to Emily. “How you feel now?” Ok. I know Em my whole life. Her longest relationship lasted for one week because she eventually gets bored of this stereotype. But now, it really looks like she cared about Niall. They are maybe a little atypical together, but my point is that they could manage it to work. He is so cute in her company. Maybe they act like it´s nothing serious between them but they won´t fool us. Well they don´t fool me especially. “I overdid it last night.” She moaned. Niall smiled at her. “Maybe a little.” She smiled at him back and let him kissed her forehead. Remember how I told you how Harry and I looked as an old couple while washing our teeth together? Well, Niall and Rosie looked like they have married already. This could be interesting!

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