Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


7. Spin the bottle.


When I got downstairs, the party had already started. Emily was pouring gold tequila straight into Zayn´s mouth. SICK! I told Harry to go a few minutes after me so it couldn’t look suspicious.  He looked as surprised as me. Ellie was sitting on Louis´s shoulders, they were apparently having a great time since their laughter was echoing through the whole room. Niall was cutting oranges to pieces for that tequila. Liam was sitting at the kitchen surface and taking pictures with his phone. Harry stood up next to me and started to observe these drunk people with me. “I think we have missed a lot.” He added and I nodded. “We could stay in that room for a little longer though.” Harry added and I blushed. He should stop teasing me.

I shook my head and went to kitchen. I grabbed an empty glass to pour some water in it, when Emily came to me. “No, no water tonight sister. Zaaayn, bring that tequila here please!” She shouted and Zayn run quickly to her. Holding that bottle, obviously. The last thing I remember was that gold shit going through my stomach so slowly that I felt it burning me inside. “Niaaaall? We need something else to drink, this…” Then she raised that empty tequila bottle in the air and waved with it.”…is, Niall that bottle is empty!” Then she chuckled and Zayn joined her. I see she found her drinking pal. Niall just smiled and replied: “Bottles are in basement, I´ll go get them…” I cut him off though. “No, I´ll go there, you should tell Em to calm down a little.” Niall laughed and pointed his finger at the basement door. I was ready to go there by myself when… “I´ll go with her, the stairs are very steep and she has already had a shot….” AAAAAGHHH! There was no way back. He had already followed me. When I opened that door and was ready to shut them, Harry´s quick hand prevented me from it since he pushed to that door. He was already inside. I sighted: “Harry we just grab that bottle and go back there. Ok?” He grinned and leaned against that door. “Ok.” He replied so casually I had almost believed him he wasn’t going to try anything. When my eyes found the box with bottles, I quickly grabbed one and turned around to quickly run away from this. However…. “Harry, turn that lights back on.” He didn’t reply. “I mean it, Harold TURN IT ON!!!!” I was so pissed. He didn’t replied for the second time either, so I collect all my anger and tried to find the door on my own. However I didn’t manage to get there since Harry´s hands wrapped me around my waist. “Don´t…” It was too late. His lips were pressed on mine, trying to provoke them to co-operate. Well they didn’t. For the first two seconds. My body was totally shaking from the thrill that I shivered. Harry noticed my goose bumps and pulled me closer to him. “Why I always fall for you. God I am so weak.” Harry just laughed and quietly whispered. “Sorry I am not sorry.” I shook my head and my fingertips traced his curls in that dark. “Wondering, if someone finds this out…” My fingers were playing with curls when he replied: “I hope no one does. I like us sneaking away.” I laughed. “We should go…” Then Harry released me from his tight grip and led me to the door since I didn’t see a thing in that dark. We both walked away. He holding a bottle, me keeping the secret I was cuddling there with him the whole time.

When we got back to living room, the party went sicker! They were sitting in a circle on the floor. Then I noticed a twisting bottle in the middle. They weren´t… This wont end up well since they were massively drunk. “Helen, Harry, common in! We need more players!” Em shouted while cranking that empty tequila bottle. Harry and I joined them although we didn’t sit next to each other, just in case. “So, it´s my turn!” Em shouted. The bottle stopped spinning and stopped pointing at  Niall. “Ok, so, Niall, you need to kiss…ehm…. You need to kiss Ellie!” Ellie objected. “Wait, what?” Niall laughed and shook his head. “Are you sure Em?” Emily grinned. “Game is game Niall, you don’t want to break its rules.” Ellie laughed and exhaled. Niall leaned above the bottle and Ellie did the same. Everyone was clapping and laughing and whistling. Then they kissed. It did last a little more then we expected. They were both drunk so I assumed they forgot the cause of that kiss. Then Em stood up and separated them: “I think that´s enough already.” The rest of us laughed. Ellie wipped her rouge off Niall´s lips and smiled. “game is game.” Niall added and Em winked at him “ok love.” Then she added“ So the next turn… Louis!” She pointed at him and he cranked that bottle again. It stopped at Zayn. “Well well well, my favourite one. Ok Zayn, you need to…. Ughmmm…. You need to or kiss Harry here, or Emily. It´s up to you.” I laughed at this task. Zayn grinned. “Em, would you mind….?” He moved closer to her. She grinned at Niall and replied: “ Be my guest…” Then she closed her eyes and let Zayn kiss her. After that she made a face at Niall. Everyone giggled. I actually started to like this game. “Ok, it´s Liam´s turn.” Liam moved a little forward and did the same as Em and Louis. But then… Oh no. Oh no. No. No. No. That freaking bottle stopped pointing at me. “Liam, please, be gentle…” Liam laughed and added: “Helen, don’t worry, I am not as twisted as them.” I actually believed him. Even though I shouldn’t have. “You have to kiss…” Oh no, I am not that drunk to start kissing people around like Ellie and Em. “….Harry!” His finger was pointing at him and he started to giggle. It was actually funny. I started to play like I don’t want to. “Goood, Liam, you´re evil! What if I didn’t complete the task?” Liam grinned. “You have to, there is no other option.” “Ok, Let´s do it, quickly.” Harry was already leaning above that bottle, smiling as a small child getting a chocolate. “Like we have never done it before, Helen.” Harry whispered and I laughed. Then I enclosed my lips to his and trying to look like I wasn’t enjoying it. Although Harry didn’t care. His lips were pressed to mine, not planning to stop until I pulled away. My face was 1 cm away from his. We both were laughing at our inside joke, when Em shouted: “You two are actually cute together!” Then she leaned her head on Louis´s shoulder and I added. “Nah, I don’t think so!” Harry looked at me and added: “ Well, I don’t know…” so friendly punched him to his left shoulder. 

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