Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


4. So what If I was looking at you!huh?



I was trying to forget about yesterday so badly but I didn’t. How come? Because of that freaking curly cheeky boy whose name starts with H and I just don’t want to say it out loud. The other reason was maybe because of my sister Emily, who came to my place at midnight. Yep, I was sleeping when I heard the doorbell ringing. She was clearly in a good mood. “So this Niall boy called me and…” Emily didn’t notice my sleepy look obviously, so she went on.”….He was like we should go out sometimes, and then I heard a noise there, from where he was calling and I asked him if I could join him now, and now I am here to get you out of bed!” I have woken up a little during her speech but there was one thing I didn’t understand. “Why you want me to get up from bed, Em?” I was confused. “So we both could go there, silly!” She smiled and shook her head. Is she serious? She actually thinks I would go out tonight? “Emily, I am not going anywhere now. You can go if you want to but I am staying…” I turned myself to go back to bed when she pulled me by my PJ. “Helen, we haven’t seen each other for months so please, please, please come with me.” I was actually hesitating. She was right, I haven’t seen her for long time. I don’t actually know, how she´s doing in Dublin. “Don’t you have anyone to go with you, instead of me?” She grinned. She knows I am going to say yes. “Actually, Ellie is coming too. I´ve been persuading her for straight two hours, but I knew she would have agreed eventually.” Ellie is our best friend since high school. She is working for Topshop as an assistant manager of marketing. She actually got us in the first row in London fashion week. “I am not surprised she did, since you´re puppy look is so irritating.” Emily giggled: “I know you love me!” I smiled at her and exhaled. “Fine, give me 20 minutes.” She clapped “yeeey!” I put on some black jeans and totally simple white shirt. Right before we left I put on some red lipstick I have found in my bag and grabbed leather jacket from wardrobe. “I don’t believe I am actually doing this…” I moaned quietly. “What?” Em asked me while opening the car door. “Nothing, nothing…” Then I just got in and started to regret my decision.


Oh dear. This place is so crowded. Thank god Ellie waved at us so we could notice her. She was perfectly styled, her hair done in a little bun, few strands freely waving around her pale face. It so obvious she works in fashion business.” Girls, right here!” She shouted. “Em, you little traveler, I haven’t seen you for ages!” She hugged Em and then me. “…and you Helen, we haven’t seen each other since fashion week, come here…” She hugged us both and then added: “Although I would rather meet somewhere else than… here.” She made a disgusted face. Emily chuckled. “You know why I wanted to meet here, Ellie.” “I know, I know… so let me see, where is your cute irish? Is he ginger? Can he do that weird tap dance?” “No, he is not ginger and he actually can…” Then Em went silent. She grabbed her phone and started to read a text. Appearently the text from Niall.”….He has just texted me he´s outside, I think I am gonna go there and…” She pointed her finger at exit door. “Alright, alright, I think I am going to get myself a drink, want something Helen?” Ellie smiled at me. “No, no I am good, I think I need to wash my hands first, since I am not sure if this place was ever seen by some sanitarian.” She laughed at me and I went to find a restroom. I actually tried not to push anyone, but I didn’t manage to. This place was so overcrowded, so the only possibility to find a ladies room was to accidently slap few people. Yes, I did it! A big green sign suddenly appeared in front of me. When I got in I wasn’t actually prepared to hear THIS- “So the whole band is here, according to Ashley Niall is here with somebody but Harry isn’t. So Jess, this is my chance!” I slowly went to wash my hands. I was standing right next to this Jess. “I know honey! You look stunning in this top, he would be fool if he didn’t notice how sexy you are.” Oh girls, really? I was going to say that what she is wearing isn’t top at all. It looks more than like a scarf, wrapped around her chest. Thank god I stayed silent. Then these girls left and I stayed leaning against the sink, looking at myself in that really dirty mirror. Harry was here too. Ok, you got this. But then…


Well, you know how things happen like you were in some really shitty romantic movie? I mean when girl falls right in front of her crush and then all girl´s books fall on the ground and their idol helps her to collect them from the students hall? Well, this wasn’t literally my case but you will see. When I walked away from that really luxurious rest room, someone eyes were looking directly at me. These green astonishing eyes belong to this one boy I was talking about before. “Well, well, well, look who´s here!” He said it and laughed at the same time. I was silent for a while. Trying to figure out what to say. I stammered. “H-h-hii…” Oh god. I didn’t do that, did I? “How´s your family stuff?” “What?” He leaned against the wall, his arms folded. “You needed to leave early because of some errands. How did it go?” I knew he was just messing with me. “It was good.” He shook his head. Did he actually though I would admit lying to him? “I think I´ll go, my friends are…” I stood on my tiptoes, my eyes trying to find girls. They were sitting at the table with Niall and they didn’t look worrying about me at all. But I continued with my lies anyway: “…are looking for me so… it was nice to seeing you, bye…” I was only few steps behind him when: “I know you were looking at me the whole time….” I cursed quietly, my head down, trying to find a reasonable answer. But obviously… “No I wasn’t!” I turned around and started to argue. He just laughed. “Yes you were. And you clearly liked what you saw, cause it lasted for straight 7 minutes.” How he knew how long…. “Ok, so what if I did? What´s wrong that I was looking at some….” Then I started to name adjectives, which came up in my mind in very first second. “…some curly, tall, ahh cheeky aaah tall…” God I have named it already! “…boy from One Direction.” I´ve noticed him biting his bottom lip, his narrowed eyes meeting mine. “….so why is it such a big deal when I…” Then, and I have no idea how quickly could that happened Harry took me by my jacket to ladies room. His arms were strongly wrapping my waist when he leaned me against that cold titled wall and started kissing me. 

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