Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


21. "Say it again."

No one sitting at the table heard my “I love you” to Harry. I am actually relieved, it would be awkward. Now I am feeling awkward. Why did I say it? What if he doesn’t feel the same? Shit. Suddenly Harry stands up, so do I. His hand is squeezing my waist.

“Niall? Can I show Helen your apartment from inside?” Harry speaks up, smirking.

“Of course.” Niall smiles at us and I smile back.

“Thank you, Niall.” I quickly murmur while Harry leads us through balcony door.

As we step inside, we walk through the living room and stop in the kitchen. All of a sudden, Harry grabs me and sits me on a kitchen counter like I have no weight, so we are the same height now. He is so strong. Why am I realizing it now?  I am smiling and waiting for him to say something. His skin is nicely sun burnt, my favourite green eyes are more visible now. My eyes fall on his tattooed arms, holding the edge of a counter.

“Say it again.” Harry suddenly speaks up. He is gazing at me and I am totally speechless.

“You mean what I´ve said at the table?” I ask silly.

“Yes, Helen.” He is no fun now. I am confused. Did I really overdo it?

“I said I love you.” I reply slowly and quietly. Now I am hurt. What is he doing?

“What´s wrong with it?” I add suddenly, my arms folded by my chest. Harry´s hands fall on my thighs. I quickly move them away. What he thinks he´s doing?

“Are you angry?” He laughs and shakes his head. I stay silent, watching him making fun of me.

“No.” I lie and raise my eyebrows if it has already hit him, why I am angry. But apparently it hasn’t.

“Don’t be. Please.” His features suddenly soften. “You know I love you back.” He adds at cocks his head to one side. I just want to hug him right now.

“Ok.” I add quietly and slowly smile at him. He smiles back so we are basically grinning at each other. I am still afraid of how far can I go with him. Ok. I´ve said I love him but… I still have that fear of losing him. That he would walk away like he did back then. Or that he´ll find someone else or that he´ll just get bored of me. I don’t know what end is acceptable for me. None, I guess.

Suddenly Harry grabs my arms and puts me back down. Now, when I am standing on my feet, I am suddenly not as tall as he is, so I have to put much more effort to kiss him. I put my hands behind his neck as we are dancing.  His hands are wrapping my waist. I kiss him softly and he does the same. I look into his deep green eyes and sigh.

“I like this tour. You are a good guider.” I add and laugh. He laughs and put his fedora on my head.

“Of course I am.” His fingers are gently playing with the strands of my hair. He is so careful, like he could actually hurt me by pulling out some hair.

“Harry? Helen? Can you please bring the beer packs from the fridge?” Niall shouts at us, but he doesn’t see us. I open the fridge and Harry withdraws the pack. I am walking behind Harry, observing his hair from behind. Why is he so damn sexy? Seriously, I can´t help myself.

The whole evening has been great so far. I´ve talk to Niall about his new house in Florida, laughed with Zayn at Ellie´s bad habits and watched boys drinking beer by beer. I sit next to Harry since I was inside with girls. He was laughing like I have never seen him before.

“How much beers have you boys had tonight?” I asked them with raised eyebrows. They all burst in laugh and wait for Harry to reply.

“Hey, why are you all looking at me?” Harry adds and smiles at me.

“Let´s say, enough for Harry to get drunk.” Zayn speaks up and Niall´s giggle echoed through the balcony.

I noticed Harry isn’t a drinking type. Not that I actually care how much alcohol he drinks.  “I am not drunk, I am just funny!”Harry raises his hands above his head and laughs. Then he stands up but while doing so, he loses balance and his feet hits the table.

“Fuck…” He curses and then laughs again. I immediately stand up and take his hand to walk him wherever he´s headed to.

“You are my beautiful girlfriend!” Harry speaks up and nuzzles his nose to my neck. This is the first time he has ever called me that.

“Where are we going?” I ask him curiously while stepping inside Niall´s apartment.

“A bedroom…” Harry murmurs and takes a deep breath. He is definitely confused. And drunk.

“Harry, let´s go back outside, to grab my purse and I´ll drive us home. Ok?” I smile at him when his green eyes widened. He is like lost boy at mall. Then I let us both back outside. Niall and Em are leaning against the balcony banister, watching the city from above. Zayn and Ellie are the only ones sitting at the table.

“I think Harry and I should get probably going. Niall? I had an amazing time tonight. See you all soon!” I shout and waved at them. I hear Zayn and Niall laughing. They probably know Harry well.

As I put the engine on, I look at Harry. He is smiling all the time. “Are you sure I can drive your car?” I ask him one more time until we hit the road.

“Helen, please.” He smiles at me reassuringly and I take it as a yes.

While driving us home, I realise I don’t have my phone in the pocket of my jacket. “Harry? Can you look backward if there´s my bag please? I ask Harry while thinking if I actually take it from that balcony. I see Harry leaning backward, checking the backside.

“I don’t see it anywhere...” Harry adds and I start to panic. I must have left it there. Shit. I have my driving licence there, my ID. What if police stop the car? I would be screwed. I don’t even have keys to my apartment. Double shit.

“Love, that´s ok. I´ll call Niall in the morning and ...” I immediately cut him off. “What if we get a fine for not having my driving licence here?”

“That´s the last thing to worry about.” He adds and laughs. Of course, he is a Harry Styles. No fines for beautiful faces.

“My all keys are there...” I add quietly. “Let´s go back to Niall´s, I´ll turn it somewhere...” I add but Harry immediately cuts me off.

“No. You´ll stay at mine place. Niall will bring you your bag in the morning. Or we can visit him together after breakfast.” He smiles at his idea.

“I don’t know Harry...” I add hesitantly.

“Let´s not argue Helen.” Harry replies and yawns.

“You should navigate me then...” I add and laugh. “I am not sure which turning should I take... the first or the second one?” I ask. I am confused when it comes to driving in the dark.

“The first one, babe.” Harry adds and grins at me. His shirt is shrugged a little and his hair messy. I always like his hair, but now it´s more tempting to bury my fingers in there. I tightly squeezed the steering wheel to resist it. Then I notice a Range Rover sign on it and realise how precious thing I am driving. 

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