Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


12. Perfect match?

Chapter 12.

You know how it´s said that if you don’t want to rush things up, you should take it slow with cold head. Well, I don’t think that´s my case. It has been only 3 days after we spend the whole weekend together and we are already texting every minute about everything. I was reading the text from Harry, where he wrote how incredible his breakfast was when I hit to Matt with my shoulder. “Hey, what´s that rush Helen?” God. That rush again. Finchy smiled at me and waited from me to respond. “I am sorry, well I guess I just didn’t notice you. It´s just this week schedule…” I raised my hand holding tons of paper. Then I continued “I guess Andy wants just kill us all.” Matt smiled at me. “Yep, this is going to be a pretty busy week, anyway….” His right hand went through his messy brown hair. I think he´s blushing right now. He continued “…there is going to be a party, Scott and I are celebrating our birthdays, you should come…” I smiled. “That´s lovely! I´ll be there!” Finchy and I are good friends, he is often shy when it comes to talking with a girl but I guess we had found our way. He grinned. “Great, I´ll text you the date and everything then. Ok… I need to go now, but see you around?” “Definitely.” I smiled at him and kept walking to studio. I sat in that ergonomic chair and sipped my already cold green tee, when my phone beeped.

Harry: Heeeey I am missing my writeabouteverything pal!

I am sorry, but some people have this thing… its called JOB! :)

I texted back and shook my head. When I put my phone back on the table it beeped again.

Harry: Hahaha. Ok then. Tell Grimmy Harry says hi.

Yes Harry I´ll definitely tell Grimmy we are texting every minute about our breakfast. You know what? Maybe I should tell him about that weekend too, don’t you think? God, I think I am in kinder garden right now. Naive Harry… “Helen!” Grimmy suddenly opened the door. “Did you see that schedule? It´s sick!”He complained while sitting to his own chair right in front of me. “Yes I did….” I quickly responded while slowly putting my phone behind my back. “Now I am thinking…I didn’t see you the whole weekend? Where have you been?” It sounded pretty urgent. Make up some lie Helen, QUICK! “At home…Spending some quality time with my sister, nothing special….” I tried to sound casual but I guess I am not that good at it. “What about you?” I quickly reversed it on him. Grimmy´s eyes went quickly through the schedule, like he wasn’t even listening. “Pardon?” He looked at me restlessly. “Nothing.” I smiled at him actually I was glad this conversation didn’t go on.

My phone suddenly beeped again. Then I remembered I didn’t text Harry back. That boy is so persistant! Grimmy clearly didn’t notice that so I felt like it was a clever thing to do to pull my phone back out. But it wasn’t… “I KNEW IT!!!” Grimmy suddenly quickly stood up and run to me to grab my phone! What the… “I KNEW IT YOU TWO ARE TOGETHER!” Oh shit. My eyes got widen, my heart skipped a beat for a 2 seconds when I quickly took my phone away from Grimmy´s hands. I held it tightly. “What you think you are doing? I am not going to let you see my personal….” He cut me off. “Oh come on Helen, just admit it already!” I was still trying to look confused. “Admit what?” “That you two are dating!” He was grinning and I swear he had just made a little happy dance. “Noo?! I am not dating no one right now…” I turned my chair back to table, acting like I needed to work.  He quickly turned me back to him. “You liar! Tell me!” “God Nick, but you need to promise me you won´t tell anyone…” I could see a sparkle in his eyes. “Of course of course, so you and Zayn… huh…”

Wait what? He said Zayn? “Zayn?” I asked him surprised. “Actually you two look like a perfect match…” He continued, apparently he didn’t hear me question. Then he went on: “My friend from press told me they followed your car to that cabin. And then she sent me a photo of you and Zayn, it was snapped inside, he was caring your bags upstairs and….” “What? There are photos of us? That´s sick…” Ok so let this straight. Grimmy and his media friends think I am dating Zayn since they took a photo of me and him while going upstairs. They could actually made tons of pictures with me and Harry while being outside, but they took a one which actually has nothing to do with dating. “Yep, but don’t worry, it doesn’t look like they are going to expose to the rest of the world. She is my very good friend and when you pulled a few strings, you can easily get what you want.” Grimmy is a sweetheart. “Thank you…” He smiled at me. “You´re welcome, although I though Harry would be the one who would you fall for...” He shook his head and went to sit back. I was still holding my phone trying to break it. But I didn’t manage to. That freaking phone didn’t stopped beeping. Nick just briefly looked at me and grinned. I added: “I need to take it…”Then I quickly went to hallway and picked it up: “I think we have a problem.” 

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