Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


6. One kiss won´t kill anyone.


“I can´t believe we´re doing this…” I sighted while pulling our bags from Ellie´s car. “You will survive this, I promise, but what´s going on with you anyway? I thought you like boys.” Ehm. I feel so bad I can´t tell her the truth about my Harry incident. “And I thought you don’t like them!”I asked quickly. She grinned. “I have never said that, I just wasn´t a fan back then. But they are pretty cool.” She smiled and took a last bag. “It looks like we are going to spend here the whole year, not a weekend.” I added and sighted for the second time. But this time the main reason was caused by the weigh of these bags.

So here we are. Snow in London has already melted so the water was everywhere. Although, the grass is as green as it´s May.  I quite like this kind of weather. We were both standing outside an enormous building. It didn’t look like a cabin at all. I hesitated, if we didn´t lose somewhere in the forest. But I quickly understood we were at the right place. The big dark Rang Rover stopped next to us. The window was slowly moving down and I started to recognize the driver.

“Hello, ladies!” Of course it was Harry. His cheeky smile was so recognizable. Ellie smiled at him and leaned over to see, who else was in that car. “Hello boys, this is it?” She pointed her forefinger at that “cabin”. “Yep, we are here. Niall should be already inside, I think.” Then the cabin door opened and Niall in his blue hoodie came out. “Let´s go inside, it´s freezing!” He waved his hand as a gesture to come in. Ellie turned around to walk inside, when Zayn got out of Harry´s car. He immediately run to her and helped her with her bags. “Here, let me…” His strong but actually really thin hands grabbed the rest of her bags and Ellie blushed. “Thank you….”He cut her off. “Zayn…I am Zayn.” Her look declined at the ground. She is actually pretty confident so I have no idea what´s wrong now. “Ellie.” She looked in his eyes and shook his hand. It was actually a little awkward, cause I felt that there was something else behind this conversation.

All boys went inside, a little shivering, since it was freezing. Well not all of them. The one, you know who, was still pulling his bags out from the car. I quickly turned around to runaway but it was too late. His hand grabbed mine with such a strength that I hit right into his chest. “Hey there.” He whispered through his unbelievably red lips. Great, I am trapped. I don’t think I am strong enough to resist him. But I stayed strong. “Hi Harry.” I said it so confidently that I was actually proud of myself. “You suddenly don’t care if people saw us like this?”I swear his eyes went greener. “I can always tell them you forced me to.” He shook his head and smiled. “No one would believe that.” “Really?” Then I screamed as loud as it was possible. Harry´s eyes got widen. Then Liam opened the door. “What happened??” He looked he was really worried. I am good at playing a victim- that´s a youngest child syndrome. “Harry told me that if I won´t…” But he cut me off. “We saw a rat here and Helen jumped at me since it scared her so much.” Liam laughed. “Helen that´s ok I swear there are no rats inside, you two should come in…” He shook his head and left the door opened. I pulled myself away from that curly liar. He grinned. “See? I always get what I want. “Good luck then…” I added and turned around. But his palm, enclosed to my cheek prevented me from doing any step. “Harry…” I was suddenly really desperate. “I mean it, I don’t want anyone to know that we are…” He smiled at me. “I like how you said we are, not we were.” I was prepared to reply but he stopped me. “Ok then…” Then he released me so I could grab my bags and finally go inside. He is not as stubborn as it looks like. Actually I like the power I had on him. I smiled at him and walked inside.

Everyone was already sitting around the fireplace. “Girl´s room is up stairs, you can leave your bags there Helen.” Niall smiled at me. “Thank you Niall, for an invitation.” He just giggled. “Naah, I am glad you all came. So who wants a beer?” I was prepared to take me stuff upstairs when Zayn suddenly appeared in front of me. “You and Ellie are totally the same, why don’t you just admit you need a help?” Then he grabbed bags and led me upstairs. I followed him and observed the whole place. It was enormous! I was totally carried away when Zayn shouted. “Helen?Helen! This way!” I was going the wrong direction. When we got to the room I laid myself on a double bed and sighted. Zayn put the bags on the table right next to a window. “Thank you.” He smiled. “You´re welcome.” 

Then he left the room and I closed my eyes to turn off a little. When I opened them, Harry was leaning against the doorframe. “Sorry I didn’t knock, I just didn’t want to wake you up.” I sat myself. “You wouldn’t, I wasn’t sleeping. I just needed to... you know.” I smiled at him. Then he closed the door and I got that feeling I knew what was coming next. “I don’t think that’s a good idea Harry.” I objected, while he was taking slow steps forward. “I told them I was going to check on you.” He grinned. “If I didn’t smother myself with a pillow?” I suddenly felt so powerless. I didn’t want to play this stupid game anymore. He was suddenly whispering to my left ear: “Please…. Just a one kiss, and I promise I´ll leave." Well, he had his point. One kiss won´t kill anyone. 

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