Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


5. Maybe.


“Noo…nnn…” I pulled myself away from his incredibly eager body. He stopped and furrowed his eyebrows. “Why? What´s wrong?” “Not like this, not in the ladies room, I need to go….” Then I tried to escape from his warm and tight grip. “Helen…” After that he put his huge palms on my shivering shoulders. I ignored it. I tried to find the door handle but unsuccessfully. His mentholated breath totally numbed me. “Please, stop. Maybe it may look like this is thing I do every time I am in some club, but I don’t. It´s just…” He looked on the floor and then raised his sigh back on me. “…please stay.”I just buried my left hand in my messy hair and took a deep breath and stayed silent. “Don’t you like me a little?” Of course I do. But I wont admit it! No way. “Maybe.” I reply, my eyes trying to find some imperfect spot on his face, but they didn’t. “Good.” He grinned.  Then we heard knocking: “Please get a room and let us wee properly.” We both bursted in laugh, trying to play it causal we both walked away.

I didn’t even notice that girl look, since my eyes were observing Harry´s body walking right in front of me. His hand reached for mine but I didn’t let him. “Wait…” I pulled his white T shirt, my fingertips gently touched his back. He stopped. “What, lovely?” “We won´t tell anyone about this. Never, ok?” He smiled at me and took my hand, even I didn’t want to. He led us to Niall and Emily. God, is he insane? I told him not to…. Then right before we came to their table he loosed his hand and we looked like we didn’t make out in ladies room. Thank god. I smiled. “Hi girls, sorry I was just in…” Then Ellie gave me a brief look and replied: “…shhhh Helen….. so Niall,  what happened next?” Like seriously? She didn’t even notice I was gone for 30 minutes? Clearly she was busy with chatting with Niall and Emily. They didn’t even notice, that Harry was there with me. Then I felt Harry´s lips on my ear, gently tickling me. “See? They weren´t looking for you at all.” I quickly shook him off. Niall looked at us. “Hi Harry, I see you have already found Helen!” Niall smiled so innocently, apparently, he had no clue he had said something he shouldn’t have. I turned around at him and grinned. He got a little blushed, it was the first time I have ever seen him in uncomfortable situation. “Well, she found me to be precise.” I laughed and added: “No I didn’t.” My forefinger was pointing at that curly boy, whose hand was gently playing with my shirt. No one could have actually seen that but still, what is he doing? Then his cold hands found my naked skin. “aaahh, I wasn’t actually looking for him at all.” I shivered after his touched and tried to cover it. “It´s cold here, isn’t it?” It may look like a conversation between me, Harry and Niall but Niall wasn’t paying us any attention. They were immersed in their conversation about Ireland. “No, it´s not.” Harry replied and I had no idea how to end this ambiguous conversation.

After moment of silence, Harry´s hand moved a little higher, his hand found my hip. No. No. Harry, don’t.. Then I jumped a little and sat next to Emily. Harry was still grinning. That little… Em looked at me: “Niall wants us to come to his cabin behind the city.” “Well, that´s great, but…” Harry cut me off. He was already sitting right in front of me. How did he…“No but, right Niall?” Niall laughed and sticked his blond hair back behind his green snapback. “Yeah buddy!” They made high five and I just twisted my eyes. “I don’t want to be in one room with Harry, neither in one cabin for…” “For how long?” I asked. Ellie relied: “For a weekend.” For the whole weekend! I just don’t like what his presence does to me. I feel like I am not myself when I am with him. And maybe I wasn´t myself for the long time and now I don’t remember how it feels like. However there´s a one thing I am sure about. There is one part of me, living deep down in my brain, which actually adore that effect he had on me.  I wasn’t really sure what happened today, what it is going to be like in that cabin, what is between me and Harry, but I didn’t even want to be sure. I am just so thrilled what yesterday brings me.

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