Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


3. It wasn´t me!


After the show, we all went out to hallway. Grimmy made couple of jokes about me and boys and I just nodded. I wasn’t actually listening to them. My attention was focused on one of these boys. His hands were folded so all his tattoos became more visible. He was totally dedicated to listening to Grimmy so there was no chance he would notice my penetrating look. At least I thought so. His green eyes met suddenly mine. Shit. There was no chance to step back. Boys were immersed in their conversation, while the cutest one wasn’t. I wasn’t sure what to do. Then I quickly looked on my blue converse, trying to convince myself it was totally casual. “Ok, boys. Today was fun, but I have ….ugh….” I awkwardly buried my left hand to my honey-blond hair. “…I have some errands so. See you someday. Bye boys!” Then I raised my hand and waved. It was totally embarrassing situation, since Harry was smiling. He knew I was observing him, it was like he enjoyed me blushing and trying to save the situation. What a.... Leave it Helen. Just walk away already. As I turned myself to leave, Harry spoke up. “What errands?” Is he joking? I have no idea how to reply. The first thing what came up to my mind was:  “Family stuff.” Everyone was suddenly listening to us, that previous conversation was suddenly irrelevant. Harry furrowed his eyebrows, like he knew exactly that I have just made that up. Then the curly one added: “See you soon then.” Harry grinned and all boys joined him. I was walking away from that really weird conversation, trying to put together what had happened.


“Wait!” I heard someone running. “Helen? Wait!” I turned myself to see who it was. Oh. Niall? “Helen, I´ve just…” Then he turned his head to the right and then to the left, like checking if someone was around and then… Then he pushed me against the wall, his body glued to mine. He was about to kiss me when…” Ohoh, what are you doing?” He suddenly seemed confused. Why he was so sure I would kiss him back? I was prepared to push him away but he took few steps backward by himself. “What´s wrong? You´ve kissed me already last night and….” I cut him off. “WHAT?” What was he talking about? “I DID WHAT? Niall, I have met you today for the first time.” “Helen, please stop it, we were together yesterday in that club. And you weren’t drinking. Unless this is about you wanting to pretend it didn’t happen. But Helen it did happen.” Is this boy ok? I mean did he injure his head recently? “Niall I think I would remember making out with you. And you and I weren´t together, we were never in the same club. I was at home last night.” He looked totally scared,  probably trying to convince himself I wasn’t right. But I was. God, this is really weird. “I…I am sorry….” He took another few steps back, his hands raised above his head, like I was holding a gun. “It must have been you. That eyes and birthmark on your shoulder…”


As he finished that sentence, I took a look on my shoulder. My birthmark?  I don’t get it. How he knew about my birthmark? I was wearing a jumper. There was no chance he could have seen it. But then. Oh shit. Shit. SHIT! She has the same birthmark, on the same shoulder. She texted me she was coming here. But. Like really? She made out with Niall while I was watching the Geordie Shore at home, by myself? Unbelievable. Oh. I didn’t tell you… My twin sister came back from Dublin yesterday, obviously. Niall noticed me shaking my head. “…What…” He asked me resignedly. “It wasn’t me yesterday. You have met my sister obviously.” According to his look I assumed he didn’t understand yet. “My twin sister.” I added. After that he started to bite his nails. After moment of silence he started. “You must think I am an idiot now.” I just sighed. “No not at all, we look pretty alike. Well, my hair is a little shorter but generally I am not that surprised  you are confused.” I smiled at him and took few steps forward. Then I put my hand on his shoulder. “So don’t apologize.” “She said her name was Emily. And when I saw you in that studio this morning I just thought you had made up that name.” “No, I am Helen and she is Emily.” “Well, I knew it now.” We both laughed. “Did you get her number at least?” I asked him. He shook his head. “I give it to you. That´s the last thing I can do for you.” I obviously lifted his spirit, since he was smiling from one ear to another. “Here…” I pulled my phone out of my bag and showed him her phone number. He quickly typed that number into his black iPhone. “I like you Helen.” He put an adorable smirk on his face and I smiled back at him. He was actually really cute. Maybe too innocence for my sister, but still cute. “Have fun you two.” I laughed and walked away.

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