Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


19. I need your love.

“So, If I got it right, you and Harry were together since that party when Emily got back from Ireland?” When Ellie finished her speech with raised eyebrows, I smiled. Not like a happy smile, it was a smile like: Oh crap, it´s a long time! “I am sorry I hadn´t told you right away but I wasn’t sure what to say anyway.” Ellie exhaled heavily. “Helen, God. Yes, it would have been easier for me to understand the whole tension between you two, but I am not mad at you. I actually thought you hate Harry.” I laughed at her last sentence. “Seriously Helen, I had no idea what was your problem with him. But now I see…” Ellie teased me and I went immediately red. It´s so weird for me to finally admit how much he means to me. We are sitting in Cafeteria next to my apartment and enjoying latte with chocolate cake. This should be called a perfect evening. Ellie took a cup with her tiny fists and blow into white skim on the top of it since it was too hot. She looks different then usual. Her cheeks aren’t so pale anymore, her eyes are brighter and that stupid smile never leaves her face.  “You´re different…” I spoke up while observing her. Her sight immediately fell from her cup to me. Her eyes got widen and smile got wider. She tried to cover it. “Me? No… everything´s normal…” But she won´t fool me. “Really… “I cut her off and bit me bottom lip. She is definitely hiding something from me. Suddenly her phone buzzed. She immediately dived her hand into her bag and look at her phone. Her hands were still under the table so I didn’t notice the caller. She suddenly looked confused. “Go get it!” I spoke up and smile at her. She smiled back and stood up from the wooden chair. She was about to leave the table when I added: “…tell Zayn Helen says hi!” Ellie laughed and went outside. I could see her smiling and playing with her hair though the window. Is it actually happening? That everyone is finally happy?

I am home literally 2 minutes since I went to see Ellie off when my phone buzzed. I am still wearing my black coat while searching for my phone buried in my bag. 

“Come outside” – echoed from the phone and I immediately got goose bumps. Harry´s voice sounded even huskier than usual. I quickly grabbed my keys and went outside. While running though the staircase I realized how thrilling this is. When I got outside the front door I didn´t see anything. Totally common night in London. While looking for Harry I realized I didn’t take my phone. What if he was just joking? Oh crap. 

But then I saw him. He was wearing his oh so sexy boots as always. This white T shirt was exposing his chest and all his tattoos. “Hi beautiful.” He pronounced every world so slowly and so sexy that it was really hard not to melt. I took a step forward and exhaled heavily. “Hi back.” I responded and  leaned against the building wall. Harry shook his head and smiled. “It’s a chilly night and you´re standing here just in a shirt.  I don’t want you to be ill.” I added worriedly. Harry turned his eyes and raised his eyebrows. “I was in rush and I totally forgot to grab some jacket. I think I have some in a car…” He pointed his finger at parking line. It was dark but his Range Rover was seen due to street lighting. “… I am sorry but I needed to see you.” He added and shrugged. I smiled at him, my eyes never leaving his. “Please don’t apologize for that.” I added and foxy smile appeared on Harry´s face. Then his arms wrapped my around my waist and he pulled me closer to him. Our touches are well I would say still a little bit more careful since that unpleasant incident. He is more careful with me then he was before. Maybe it´s because of the fact we can both actually get hurt now. What we had before was slightly just for fun. Now we are actually aware of our feelings. His large hands are caressing my back and my fingers playing with the hem of his shirt. “I want to kiss you right now.” Harry whispered when our noses touched. “Please…” I murmured and waited for him to respond. I felt his curls tickling my cheek when he kissed the corner of my mouth. His wet lips were slowly looking for my mine. When he finally found them, I enclosed my palms to his cold cheeks. That kiss quickly turned into huge desire for more. I quickly realized my hands were hungrily tracing his naked back under his white shirt. I pulled away a little and smiled. I have actually nothing to say. “What?” Harry asked and smirked. “Nothing, just… you.” I replied while smiling like an idiot. “Let´s go inside…” I quickly added and grabbed him by his shirt. He suddenly threw me on his chest so I couldn’t make a move. Oh. He´s fast. “I like it here…” He added and in that second my mouth was occupied by something else than talking. My hands were buried in his hair, playing with his curls while his hands tickling my back. It´s actually pretty chilly night. But I am sure these goose bumps are not because of the weather conditions. “Go. Grab your. Jacket.” I filled pauses between kisses and Harry sighed loudly. Then he took my hand and led me to his car.

We are standing here totally alone with few cats lying on the cold concrete. Harry is bent in his car, looking for his jacket while I am really precisely observing his back. God.  And I can touch this God whenever I want now! Harry suddenly withdrew this black hoodie. I remember him wearing it in that cabin. “I like your car.” I spoke up after my eyes fell on his perfectly clean Range Rover. He just giggled after he put his hoodie on: “And I like you.” I laughed at his response. “ This hoodie isn’t that warm like you are…” Harry added while observing himself. I quickly wrapped him around his neck and left a small kiss on his cheek. “Even though I am totally carried away with you having lack of clothes on, I don’t want you to be ill.” I added and nuzzled into his now actually nicely warm chest. “That was actually the hottest thing you have ever said to me.” “Good.” I whispered to his left ear and breathed his incredible scent it. Then it hit me. It must be something after 11 p.m. “it´s late…” Harry gently pulled me away and frowned. “No, it´s not!” I laughed at his response. “I need to get up early to work.” “What´s early?” He asked with raised eyebrows. “Early is 4 a.m.” “My apartment is 10 minutes away from the Radio. You can stay at my place.” Oh. Even though his offer is so tempting I must deny it. “I think you actually don’t care about my comfort. You just want me to make you breakfast, that’s all!” I laughed and poked him. “Yes, I want you. We can easily skip that breakfast part if you want.” I went red and tried to find the words. How can he say this to me? Ohh. Be strong Helen!! “Call me when you get home. Just to make sure, you are ok. “I briefly kissed his lips. Harry sighed and added: “At least, let me walk you to the door.” Then he took my hand and squeezed it. Oh, it felt good. I squeezed back and smiled at him. 

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