Oh boy.

Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


13. Happy Birthday!

I quickly checked Matt´s text in car, while driving to Ellie. We are going to that party together, since Ellie knows everyone from BBC. I just wanted to make sure we must be there at 9 p.m. When I got to her apartment she didn’t exactly welcome me with open arms. She made her angry face while opening door. “Ellie I´ve told you, I am not dating Zayn.” I actually laughed at words which came out of my mouth. “I know…” She grinned and hugged me. “I just don’t get it, it´s so obvious that you and Zayn…” She blushed and it looks like she was trying to convinc herself about something. “It´s funny though.” She didn’t finish her previous sentence. “I know.” I replied and briefly looked at myself in the mirror. “You do realize boys are going to be there too?” She added. “Yep.” I nodded. “And that Grimmy has no idea you and Zayn aren’t together.” “I am totally aware of it.” I looked at her and smiled. “This is going to be good.” She added and went to her room for a purse.

When we got there, Finchy and Scott were standing by the main entrance and welcoming everyone who came. I hugged them both and put the bag with an old bottle of scotch on the table next to them. Ellie kissed them on cheeks and giggled after Scott whispered something to her left ear. Finchy was smiling the whole time I was looking at him. He is such a good person. “Thank you for having me here Matt.” I added while waiting for Ellie to stop flirting with Scott. He looked at me and smiled “I am glad you came. Go get drunk on my account now!” He joked and pointed his finger at bar. I shook my head and obeyed him. Ellie was all of sudden walking by my side, we were heading straight to the bar when I noticed Zayn standing by the wall and talking to group of some boys. “I´ll be right back…” I raised my forefinger and walked to Zayn. He noticed me and grinned. I raised my eyebrows and joined him. “Excuse me boys, my girlfriend has just arrived…” Then he took few steps forward. “You should stop calling me your girlfriend in front of people Zayn.” He laughed. “Did you tell Grimmy about it all already?” He got a little serious. “I am going to tell him now, but you´re not making it any easier like this!” “Helen. Please.” He furrowed his eyebrows and giggled. “Ok ok ok. I´ll tell him.” Zayn suddenly raised his head above me and looked around. “Ellie´s here too.” I answered his unsaid question. He was still quiet. “You should go talk to her.” I added. Zayn smiled at me and kissed me cheek. “See you later, love.” He walked away heading to bar. People who was Zayn speaking with earlier turned their heads on us, after Zayn kissed me. Their gazing eyes forced me to walk away too. While I was pushing people away, trying to find the bar, since it was so overcrowded here, I noticed Harry.

Obviously he wasn’t alone but there was one girl standing out.  She didn’t look familiar or anything, but the way Harry was looking at her made me feel angry. I really don’t know why. Harry and I aren’t even together. I did my best not to fall for him again after that cabin.  I literally tried to convince myself nothing really happened there. So, basically I was pretty surprised how my whole body responded on this. I took a deep breath and continued in my way. I just couldn’t shake that view of these two out of my head. She was biting the straw dived in her daiquiri. He was sitting right next to her and revealing her his dimples. I shouldn’t be so surprised Harry is surrounded by girls company often. Well I know what tabloids have written about him but I didn’t actually believe it. But apparently… I suddenly realized I was craving for knowing that girls´s name. I swallowed my pride and turned around. My legs were leading me right to the table, where they were sitting. Harry noticed me and quickly stood up from his chair. “Helen!” He shouted and his right hand went awkwardly through his hair. “Hi Harry. I have no idea you are here too. So you brought a date?” I smiled at him and pointed my finger at that dark haired girl. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows. “No, that´s just my…” That bitch cut him off. “I am Nicky… and you aree…?” Wow. I don’t like her already. “Nice to meet you Nicky I am Helen.” I put my hand in front of her and waited for a handshake. I waited few seconds and then took it down since she didn’t cooperate. Ok then. I looked at Harry and smiled. “Ok, I´ll leave you two then I need ehm…” I was trying to make up some really good lie after which Harry would feel guilty. I turned around and suddenly noticed Zayn. I quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to me. “Zayn, love here you are!” WHAT AM I DOING? Zayn looked confused. “I was just telling my friends I need to find my boyfriend and you suddenly appeared. Hah.” I put my hand around his waist and kissed him on cheek. Harry was just staring at us. “Zayn, hi!” Nicky quickly stood up from chair and annoyed me even more. She was apparently satisfied being in such a handsome company. Zayn ignored her, his eyes met mine for one sec and then he spoke up. “Babe, I was worried what could take you so long and when you didn’t come I decided to look for you…” I was relieved he played my game. Harry shook his head and laughed quietly. He bit his bottom lip and added. “I am so glad you two found each other.” “Yeah, me too.” I replied and cuddled even deeper. That Nicky was standing there with here mouth open. It looked like she had a crush on Harry and Zayn at the same time. I knew Harry told me they were just friends. I actually knew he is sometimes so naive and that girls like Nicky can just fool him and leave him for a hotter catch. Well, it´s not like there is someone hotter then Harry but… “Ok, so we are going to enjoy the party, see you around…” I added and left. Zayn did the same. When we were in a decent distance he spoke up. “What was that?” “What you mean?” I responded casually. “Helen, stop.” He put his hand on my shoulder. “Why we were doing that?” Suddenly I felt not like a winner at all. “I don’t know. I got angry when I saw them together and then you showed up so I took an advantage of our relationship.” Zayn laughed and then stopped. He looked behind me. “Harry´s coming here... I´ll leave you two alone…” He turned around and left me alone there until a familiar hand rested on my shoulder. “What was that for Helen?” His eyes got widen. “You tell me.” I replied and folded my arms.

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