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Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


22. Final chapter.

Love doesn’t grow on trees. You can´t even buy it. Love just happens. And it has happened to me. Love you Harry.

“Babe, are you sure Niall and Em will come?” I asked Harry while looking at my watch. “It´s nearly seven!” I added and look out of the window. “Helen, love, they are on their way. I told them it´s urgent.” Harry whispered while closing Darcy´s bedroom door. “She fell asleep.” He added and walked toward me. “Don’t worry. We won´t miss our reservation.” Harry murmured to my left ear right when his arms grabbed my waist. I smiled at him. “You think Darcy won´t wake up till we come?” I asked him while he was gently swaying us. He grinned at me and shook his head. “Love, Niall and Em take care of her. Don’t worry, please. When was the last time we went out like this? I can´t even remember.” He was wearing tight jeans and grey blazer under simple white t shirt. It remembered me the old times. “Me neither. Probably ages! It´s weird. We´re like the old married couple now” I added and grinned at him. We really are married. But we´re not that old. I am 26 and Harry is 26 in February. Harry planted wet kisses on my neck and I lost balance. He grinned. “Maybe we should stay at home and work on Darcy´s brother.” I gasped. There´s no way I would agree on other baby. Well not in the near future. I still shake when I recall that 9 horrible months while Darcy was in my belly. Of course they weren´t that horrible since I was having a little Harry inside me, but still. “Let´s do that dinner instead.” I added and smiled at him. He laughed and kissed my cheek. Suddenly we both heard the knock. Uncle Niall and Aunt Em are here! Harry went to open the front door. Niall and Em were holding their hands and smiling. Niall whispered: “Where´s my Doo?” Niall calls Darcy Doo. I don’t really understand why but I like it too. “She is sleeping.” Harry quietly replied and squeezed my hand. “Everything is in her room. There is a list of what to do when she would wake up. I don’t think she will but just in case.” I added and smiled at Em. She is my rock. I am so glad, she and Niall helped us. “Helen, chill. We know what to do. It´s like babysitting Max, except Darcy sleeps all the time.” Max is Zayn´s and Ellie´s son. “Yeah, Max never sleeps. We have to play with him for hours and then gave him the whole bottle of hot milk to calm him down.” Niall joined our conversation and we all laughed. “Ok, we should get going.” Harry took my hand. “Have fun, guys!” Em waved at us and we waved back. Just before leaving I stepped into Darcy´s room, just to check on her. When I went closer to her bed, I realized Harry was behind me. As I leaned above her cradle, Harry´s hand found my waist. “I love her as much as I love you.” He whispered to my ear and I tried to push my tears back. This is it. We have a baby. This little person, peacefully sleeping, with daddy´s dimples is mine and his. I had no idea love can go this further. To involve into something this important. “She looks just like you, you know.” I added and gently caressed her pink cheek.  “I love how her green eyes match with yours. And that thing she does with her mouth when she´s sleepy, you know when she…” Suddenly Harry cut me off. “Love, we should go now.” I looked at him and smiled. “Right.” “Bye, little princess.” Harry whispered and grabbed Darcy´s tiny hand to kiss her palm. She shifted a little. I did the same and we both left her room.


As I stepped into the studio Grimmy was standing right in front of me. He kneeled and enclosed his palms on my belly. “Hey, how´s my god-child doing?” He said it with really childish accent. “Nick, I´ve told you hundred times, you´re not going to be her g…” He cut me off. “Shhh, momma doesn’t know what she´s saying…” I laughed loudly and Grimmy joined me. Then he stood up and hugged me. It took me by surprise to be honest. “How are you doing?” He asked me with tenderness in his voice. I sighed heavily and sat myself on the table. This belly is too big to be carried with me everywhere. Anny could have told me Style´s babies are enormous. “Oh Nick, I am like a balloon. Look at me.” I pointed at my swollen belly. He grinned. “No, you´re not. Pregnancy suits you.” He added and laughed. “Obviously.” I added and laughed as well. “How´s daddy coping with this whole thing?” As he finished his sentence he made a gesture with open arms and circled around my belly. I tilted my head to one side. What a jerk. I am not that big, am I? “Well, Harry didn’t gain a weight of baby elephant so he must be doing great.” I replied and grinned at him. Grimmy chuckled. “I meant the whole father thing.”Nick added. Harry will be the greatest father in the history of fathers. I am not worried about that. “You know him, he acts like the Lord Protector. It´s a little annoying since I can´t have an ice cream or go shopping without him.” I added and caressed my belly. “Yeah. He is such a sweet heart.” Grimmy added. I laughed at his response and stood up.  I think it´s time to go back home. “Right, I should go. I am surprised Harry didn’t send some armed force to check on me.” I gently and slowly stood up and Grimmy helped me. I will definitely miss my work. Miss the Radio and everyone here. It´s the part of who I am. I met Harry here for the first time. Niall tried to kiss me in this building once.  So many memories linked with this place. I smiled as my thoughts start to immerse. Ouch! Suddenly baby Harry kicked me. Time to go home then. 

I would want to thank you all for reading this. I had a great time writing it so I hope you enjoyed reading it as well. This was the last chapter, time for me to grow up a little. I didnt want  it to be this emotional but it kinda is. Ok. Take care and enjoy your holiday x. Ell

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