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Aimed to all Harry girls especially:)
Helen is working for BBC Radio 1. Everything is going according to plan, when Grimmy - her co-host in Breakfast show announces that One Direction is going to be in the studio for an interview.


20. "Cause I am tired of sleeping alone."

When I woke up today, I had no idea how hard day was ahead of me. But I made it successfully and now I am on my way home. It´s something past 4 pm. I am driving home, the car window open so chilly wind caresses my face. Rita Ora´s song in radio makes me singing all the way home.

I am already in my kitchen, barefoot, looking for something cold to drink. I´ve found some green ice tea and sit myself on a sofa. There is nothing better than enjoying the time off. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Huh. Funny how quick things can change. It´s like I´ve just woken up after 3 months sleeping. Ellie and Zayn are apparently more than just  friends, Emily is dating Niall and Harry and I, we are… Well. I am in love with him. It´s all or nothing. And I am for all. So is he. I have never been this happy like I am right now. He texts me late at night if I am awake. Everyday I find at least 2 missed calls from him.  When we are together there is nothing missing. Now I am smiling like an idiot but so what. I am really happy right now.

I have just come from bathroom since I heard my phone ringing. I have still a hair shampoo in my hair. Ok. It´s Harry. I smiled when I pick it up.

“Helen, babe. What are our plans for tonight?” His husky voice is totally playful.

“Hii. Nothing. At least I don’t know about any.” I replied, observing myself in the mirror.

“Ok then. Niall is having BBQ party tonight, can I tell him we´re in?” That’s amazing idea! This summer day deserves celebration in garden party style.

“Of course we´re in. What can I bring? Some fruit or glass of vine? I have no idea…” Harry cut me off suddenly.

“Helen, babe noting. Bring just your beautiful self. Ok?” I laughed loudly.

“Ok Styles. What time do we have to be there? Will you pick me up or I take my car?”

“I´ll came for you at 7. I missed you all day. Be prepared you won´t shake me off tonight.” Oh God. Isn´t he perfect?

“Can´t wait.”

“Honey, I have to go. I´ll call you when I get to your place. Bye”

“At 7 pm. Ok. Bye. Take care.”

After this call I immediately run back to bathroom just to finish what I have started. After 20 minutes I look like a human again. I let my hair loose. Just slightly curled. I found a navy blue dress in my wardrobe and put on my black converse. I think this can work for BBQ. Nothing classy but comfortable. Suddenly my phone buzzed. Ok. This tall curly handsome is probably downstairs.

As I walked out of the building I noticed black Range Rover, parking right next to pavement. I quickly jumped in. Not checking If I got into right car. Suddenly a hand lands on my knee. “hi.” Harry smiles at me and replies. “Hi back.” His huge hand is playing with the piece of fabric of my dress. My hand finds his and I lean forward to kiss him. It´s just a brief kiss. “Hey! We haven’t seen each other for 2 days. And you kiss me like that? No way.” Suddenly my lips are roughly glued to his. My fingers intertwined his. Suddenly I realize we are still in a car. “We should get going.” I add while taking breath.. Harry chuckles and suddenly we are on our way to Niall´s. Harry is carefully watching the road while I am watching him. He is wearing black shorts and white shirt. And hey! He has his fedora on! “What´s so interesting about me?” Harry suddenly speaks up with a smile on his lips. “Huh?” I asked confused. “You are observing me like I am a candy.” Oh. “Everything about you is interesting. Plus you are extremely handsome so it would be weird not to look at you all the time.” I reply and giggle since his left hand tickles my naked thigh. “We are here.” Harry adds while parking his car. Suddenly I notice Ellie´s car as well. Oh. So this couple is going to be there also. Cute.

We are at this huge balcony. Maybe it´s more than a balcony. It looks like a roof of a sky scraper. It´s beautiful out there. Almost everywhere you look at are flowers. I had no idea Niall has this beautiful oasis in this apartment. Ellie and Zayn are sitting on a wooden swing, their hands freely moving above the ground. They look in love. The way Zayn looks at Ellie is undeniable. He loves her. And according the holding hands and her nose rubbing his shoulder she is in love too. Niall is standing by the grill in his shirt Crazy Mofos. He looks happy. He always smiles. I don’t think I have ever seen him in a bad mood. Emily is lying on red deckchair, wearing sunglasses and short top. She looks like a wife of a wealthy man right there. She goes kiss Niall from time to time and look if a meat is aready done. They look happy together. And I am happy for them also. My sister couldn’t have find someone better then Niall. And then, there is Harry. He is sitting next to me, his right resting on my shoulder. “Like this roof?” Harry whispers to my ear while I am observing everything around. “This is amazing.” I add and look into his green widened eyes. “But more then this roof I like you.” I add and wink at him. His wide smile appears and I am in seventh heaven. “Come here…” Harry murmurs and pulls me closer to him. I lean forward and kiss his sweet lips so I get dizzy. “You two look happy.” Suddenly Ellie sits in front of us and interrupts our kiss. Well done Ellie! “I was about to say the same.” Zayn adds while sitting next to Ellie. I just smile and squeeze Harry´s hand. “Niall? What´s taking you so long? We´re quite hungry!” Zayn shouts at chef Niall. “Right here.” Suddenly Em comes to us with the full plate of fresh grilled meat. Jummy! Niall comes to us as well and put 6 glasses of champagne in front us. “On us!” We all take one glass, raise it and repeat after Niall. This is going to be a great evening.

“I am not fully decided but I think it will be a good bargain.” Niall speaks while chewing the last bite. We all are stuffed, sipping beer and enjoying the fresh air and the smell of a great day, spent with the best friends. Harry is drinking also, even though he drove us here. I said I´ll drive on our way back home, so he could enjoy drinking with the lads. “So Florida, huh?” Ellie asks while holding Zayn´s hand. “Well Em is for Miami, and I am for Florida.” Niall replies and Em giggles. “I am for Miami? Love, It´s going to be your house. I´ve just suggested that Miami´s nicer.” Niall laughs at her response. “Alright, alright. WE will decide later.” Niall pronounces the WE word with higher tone. Em just shakes her head and kisses their intertwined fists. I stand up so I could clean the table. That’s the last thing I can do since I didn’t bring anything. “What are you doing?” Niall speaks up. “Just cleaning the table…” I reply quietly. “Helen please, leave it. Just sit here. You are my guest.” I smile at him when he pushed me gently down to sit back. Then he takes all dirty plates to kitchen. It´s almost 10 pm. The London sky is slightly pink where the sun goes down through clouds. “Niaaall? Can I light a cig here?” Zayn shouts at Niall through opened door. “Sure!” Niall shouts back and Zayn stands up and walks to the balcony banister. When Niall comes back, Em smiles at him like a puppy. “Go!” He says and giggles. Right! Em and Zayn are the only smokers here. So I guess Em was just trying to get Niall´s permission to join Zayn.  Em quickly runs to Zayn and he hands her a lighter. Harry has been caressing my thigh since we got here and I don’t want him to stop. It´s getting a little cold so I lay my head on Harry´s shoulder and wrap my hands around his waist. “Are you cold?” Harry murmurs softly. “No.” I lie and pull him even tighter. “I know you´re cold. Come here. “ Then Harry opens his arms so I could sit on his lap. I obediently stand up and sit on his knees. Harry put his hand around my waist and with the other encloses a glass of bear to his mouth. This feels so good right now. I let my cheek gently touching his. I hear noises but I don’t pay any  attention to them. My left hand freely traces through his curly hair and then I see a smirk on his angel face. I cant help myself. Maybe that beer has already hit to his head but I need to. After no hesitation I lean backward so I could whisper something to his ear. “I love you.” Suddenly it came out of my mouth but I didn’t regret it. My eyes are meeting his green ones and I see the amusement there. Then it turns into wide grin. 

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