The vow

Carrie is new, but she never gets the chance to be a part af the new daily life at her new school. A black haired girl from the same year as her is bullied be the "trio", it is not normal bullling, a pool of blood is spreading on the bathroom floor.

"I will keep it a secret, I am doing the world a favor, or maybe not, I am doing THEM a favor."


2. New target

It was a day after the counter in the bathroom; policemen were still walking around the school asking the students questions about the “accident”, but nobody answered, so neither did I. It was an ambulance that picked the black haired girl up and drove her to the hospital; we had all been informed in the morning that she did not survive. No one cried, no talked, they did nothing. It all began in the break, when the trio, Stacy, Sofie and Ronda walked in. I sat in the corner of the canteen alone, looking at my class mates hoping that someone would come over and talk with me. But they were all too busy with their group of friends. Everyone was silent as they walked over to the cue or what was supposed to be a cue lining up to get food, but they group shattered. People turned around, walked away or dispersed. They picked up their food and people continued their talking and giggling in the corners. The trio sat in the middle of the canteen and looked out on their fellow students like hawks searching for their prey, and they found it. Ronda the red haired girl, who gave me the braid, looked right at me and a smile crossed her face. The two other girls saw it and began to giggle like hyenas. Sofie swung her blond hair as she stood up holding her plate and walked towards me. I could not run or ask for help, the only thing to do was to stay quite knowing that you could not prevent what was about to happen. The warm spaghetti sled down my back and the meat dish followed, some of the brown source went down over my face and turned my blond hair brown, why me? Sofie laughed and looked around glaring at the people making them laugh loud but unsecured. I just sat there looking blind in the air, while hearing a new sentence being whisper in my ear “One down”. Why?

The days followed and the triangle continued breathing me in down my neck. Everytime I saw them shivers went down my spine. I had done it; I was the new laughing stock at school, their little prey. I begged every night that this nonsense would stop, but it never did.

I walked down the hallway but was just about to turn around when I saw them. Ronda, Sofie and Stacy stood outside the girl’s bathroom, the same one as the bloodshed bathroom.                              


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