The vow

Carrie is new, but she never gets the chance to be a part af the new daily life at her new school. A black haired girl from the same year as her is bullied be the "trio", it is not normal bullling, a pool of blood is spreading on the bathroom floor.

"I will keep it a secret, I am doing the world a favor, or maybe not, I am doing THEM a favor."


3. Done for it

The trio saw me and started moving. I widened my pace a little when I started running, but I could hear the shrilling laugh behind me. Where was the teacher’s room, Where? I continued my searched for a safe shelter, but it felt like I was walking in circles, hunted by hungry hyenas. I looked over my shoulder; I could not see the trio. Did I get away? A smile grossed my pale face and I began to slow down. I turned my head forward facing the way right ahead. I could not go any further.
Ronda, Sofie and Stacy stood before me. What to do? They ran over to me, sliding their arms around my wrists and neck. I was done for it. I was dragged into the same toilet as the other girl, and I was waiting for the worst to happen. And it did.
I did not get the chance to think anything over. I got whacked down in the floor and I could feel the blood seep out. It all went black and I was gone.

I woke up in a white room with morphine filling the air. A couple of instruments were attached to my chest and head. My mom woke up beside my bed as I began to move around. She cried laying her arms around me.

The days went by in the comfy bed, and I was soon going to be released. The nurses helped walk around on my unsteady legs and told me I soon would be able to do it myself.
A month had passed by, I was not able to attend school so I was going to be behind in class, not that I ever was going back to that place again.
The clock was 1 o’clock and my mom came to visit me as usual, but with an awful surprise behind her. Ronda, Sofie and Stacy stood there waving and smiling to me, what the hell! My mom sat beside me and gently brushed my forehead. “You have some visitors” she whispered in a low voice. “They told me they missed you at school” She continues. She waves the monster into the room smiling and stands up. “I will let you be for a moment” and she is gone. I am done for it. They walk over to me and places them self in my bed. “Hey punk what’s up” Ronda pinches me and keeps on chewing her gum. “How ya feeling” Stacy smiles and leans over the bed. Her whispering stops my heart and gives me a hard time breathing. The machines go crazy and the trio pulls back. Doctors and nurses bursts into the room checking my heart rate and wounds. The settle down when they have checked every inch of my body and leads the girls out saying that I must be overjoyed since the instruments went crazy. My mom peeks into the room and says “Just you wait you will soon be able to attend school again”.
No way.
The room is empty and the sheds is torn apart. I have tied them together and I am sure of my decision. The chair is rocking underneath my feet and I slip. This vow I take with me; the true will be silence, I will never tell. The light disappears and I take my last breath. The way I left the world was the way of a coward. I was choked by the rope I made of my sheds.                                          


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