The vow

Carrie is new, but she never gets the chance to be a part af the new daily life at her new school. A black haired girl from the same year as her is bullied be the "trio", it is not normal bullling, a pool of blood is spreading on the bathroom floor.

"I will keep it a secret, I am doing the world a favor, or maybe not, I am doing THEM a favor."


1. The pool of blood

The bell rang and all the students rushed into thier classes. Stacy, Sofie and Ronda walked a few meters behind me; they giggled and pointed in my direction. This day would defiantly not turn out well. My name is Carrie Rose Longstut, I moved to this part of the city because of my dad’s work. I had a lot of friends at my old school, but after I arrived here, everything just turns out for the worse. The class was already divided into small groups, and no one seemed to have a spot open for me. I had spent every single break on my own eating in the most isolated area of the cafeteria. How I ended up as the trio’s puppet and target for humiliation began all the way back on my first day of school. A day I have decided not to talk about to any one. I am doing the world a favor, or maybe not, but I am doing THEM a favor.

The bell did not ring anymore the last warning for class ended. How could this happen? It was my first day of school and I was late. I ran down the corridor, passing all the other classrooms where the teacher had already begun the lecture. All the students had their notebooks on their desk, standing up so the teacher could not see their mobile and the paper that went around in the class. It was a drawing of the miss standing in front of the blackboard; fire was coming out from her mouth and the flames matched the horns in her forehead. I went around a corner which led down to the first years math class. Right in front me a bathroom sign hang over a blue door, the girls’ bathroom. Just when I passed by the bathroom a scream reached me, it was not loud because of the soundproof door, but it reached my ears and made me slow down. A laugher also came out from the bathroom, not only one but three. I stopped my hand which was only a centimeter away from the doorknob, what could I do? Why should I help her, it would ruin my school life if I could be related to this? Why not let her be? I can’t let her be! I busted the door up and a girl with the same uniform and year badge as me laid on the floor with blood running out from the side of her head. Three second year girls stood over her, one of them had a black braid in her hand matching the first year girl’s hair.  The pool of blood grew and grew, the blood did not stop. My body froze, my heartbeat increased and a chill went down my spine when the second years’ looked at me. They walked by me, smiled and the girl with the braid placed it in my hand while she whispered “good luck” and then they went out the bathroom door, laughing. I fell on my knees beside the girl, the blood kept spreading out over the floor and in the watery liquor; I saw a girl shaking with tears running down her cheeks falling into the red color pool covering the floor.                 


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