i love 1 direction

Alison falls in love with harry.


4. kidnapped

i went to bed and an hour later he layed down beside me and wrapped his arms around me. i woke up and was tossed into a truck with handcuffs on and a bag over my head. the truck stopped and i was put in a dark wet room and the bag was ripped off my head. 

      i was knocked and put in some kind of small closet.harry was beside me when i woke up. i got harry to get the bobby pin out of my hair and theni picked the lock on our handcuffs. harry pinned me against the wall and gave me a short kiss before i pushed him away. i stepped on his sholders and unlocked a window and then pulled myself through he window when harry got through the window we made a run for it and we got caotured by he same people that captured us in the first place.         




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