i love 1 direction

Alison falls in love with harry.


2. ive been spotted

        a year after i joined my new school i was spotted by a big time modeling company. i was put in a few magazines before i was popular at school. i would do a few photo shoots and then go to the bowling alley or a skating rink with my new found friends.  

        one day i was at a puttputt golf course when the biggest boy band in the world, one direction, walked in and harry styles asked me to dinner. i accepted and met them at olive garden. as soon as i sat down i got a call from the hospital saying that my mom had a heartattack and was now in the icu. i was devestated.

        harry took me up to the hospital to see my mom. she was in bad shape. harry stayed with me all night, and took me to his mansion so i could get some rest.

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