Ninja Girl: Your Enemies Closer

Alex's brother, Lloyd, is in danger. He unleashed the Hypnobrai and now he has unleashed the Fangpyre. Alex breaks away from the ninja when they tell her not to go after Lloyd. She tries to convince Lloyd that the serpentine will only betray him if he unleashes them. He doesn't listen and ends up opening the Andicondrai tribe. Will anything change his mind?


7. Chapter 6: Turning on One an Other

"Yes?" I asked not getting up.

"Where have you been?" Cole asked. "We've been looking all day."

"Yeah we looked everywhere!" Jay exclaimed.

"Well obviously not everywhere," I said.

"I sense something's wrong," Zane said.

"Really I wonder why," I said sarcastically.

The whole time Kai was just leaning on a tree nearby. I knew the ninja were probubly here to get me to go back. I wasn't going to go back until Kai apologized.

"Why did you just run off?" Cole asked.

"Was it Kai?" asked Jay.

"Yep," I replied.

Everyone looked at Kai. He said something but I couldn't understand it. If it was an apology then it was the worst one ever. I got up and crossed my arms. I was waiting for Kai to apologize.

"Kai..." Zane said.

"Fine. Alex... I'm sorry I yelled at you," he said.

"Apology accepted," I said. "Now if you excuse me..."

I started to walk away. I still needed a way to help Lloyd.

"I sense something else is wrong," Zane said again.

"What's wrong Alex?" Cole asked.

"I would love to tell you but I promised I wouldn't," I said.

"You went after Lloyd didn't you?" Kai acused.

"Yeah well what was I suppose to do? Sit around while my brother could be in danger?" I shouted.

"Calm down Alex, just tell us what happened," Jay said.

"I can't I told you I promised not to tell," I said.

"Well then can you show us?" Kai asked.

"I don't know. All I know is I'm not going back to... Nevermind," I said almost spoiling it.

Cole walked up to me and asked, "Not going where? Did Lloyd open another tomb?"

Suddenly Nya came rushing through the woods.

Guys, Sensei said there's trouble at Jamonicai Village," she said.

"Let's go," Kai said.

"I'll come too. If it's Lloyd then I need to talk to him," I said.

We went to Jamonicai Village. When we got there we discovered it was Lloyd, and Pythor. They were terrorizing the village.

"Okay what's the plan?" Kai asked Cole.

"Okay while you guys decide that I'm going in. Lloyd can't see me come in with you or he'll think I told," I said.

Cole nodded and I headed off. I went into the village and tried to get Lloyd alone. I knew I was only going to get one shot. I watched as Lloyd and Pythor went back behinde a building. I ran back there and hid. I saw Pythor steal Lloyd's map and slither away. Lloyd turned around and didn't see Pythor. He ran back and saw me.

"Alex what are you doing here?" Lloyd asked.

"Making sure you're okay. I saw Pythor take the map," I replied.

"What?" he said.

He turned to run after Pythor but I grabbed his arm and looked at him. He knew hat it was no use going after Pythor. We both left the village and headed for the monistary. We go there only to see the monistary was gone.

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