Ninja Girl: Your Enemies Closer

Alex's brother, Lloyd, is in danger. He unleashed the Hypnobrai and now he has unleashed the Fangpyre. Alex breaks away from the ninja when they tell her not to go after Lloyd. She tries to convince Lloyd that the serpentine will only betray him if he unleashes them. He doesn't listen and ends up opening the Andicondrai tribe. Will anything change his mind?


5. Chapter 4: Fangpyre

When the tumb was fully open, I could see the snakes jump out of the tumb. Lloyd got a little freaked out and so did I. Then the serpants surrounded him. The leader was a two headed snake. He slithered toward Lloyd and Lloyd backed up.

"It's great to finally be free," the snake said. "Who released us?"

"Lloyd Garmadon. I have something I want you to help me with," Lloyd said.

"And what would that be?" the snake asked.

"Well I want revenge on the Hypnobrai and the ninja," he said.

"It will be our pleasure, but first..." the snake said.

Then he nodded at one of the snakes. Next thing I knew I was pinned to the ground by a snake. I tried reaching for my sword but he pinned my arm down. Lloyd ran toward me some.

"I see we had a spy," the snake said.

"Stop!" Lloyd commanded. "My sister is not one of the ninja."

"If that is true, then why is she dressed like a ninja?" the snake questioned.

Lloyd obiously didn't have an answer and neither did I. I kept trying to reach for my swords knowing that I could get the snake of with them.

"Since you say the girl isn't a ninja yet she is dressed like one and was spying on us, we will just turn her into one of us," the snake ordered.

The snake on top of me was getting ready to bite me. I kept trying to break my arm free and adventually got it loose. I knocked the snake away and got up. Then the snakes started to surround me. I drew my swords and got ready to fight them off. Then they just stopped. They looked at the leader and he commanded them away. I looked at Lloyd and he signaled me to go. I left and went to where I could still see them but I couldn't hear them and they couldn't see or hear me. I sat against a tree and at somepoint, fell asleep.


When I woke up the Fangpyre and Lloyd were gone. I made sure that I wasn't bit in my sleep. Lucky for me I don't think they even noticed that I never left. I got up and looked around. I didn't see anyone so I got up and stretched my legs out. Then I started looking around for the Fangpyre and Lloyd. After a few minutes of searching I sensed someone coming. I jumped into the nearest tree and looked around. Then I saw the ninja. I listened to there conversation when they stopped below me.

"I don't think she's out here," Jay said.

"Trust me she's here somewhere," Cole insisted.

"I don't get why we are even looking for her," Kai said rudely.

"Kai weather you like it or not she's apart of our team," Zane replied.

"What even happened between you two?" Jay asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it," Kai said. Cole looked around and said, "Let's just keep looking."

Then they walked away. I'm glad Kai didn't say anything. I don't like people knowing we dated. It was gross looking back. I started looking around again. To get a better I climbed to the top of the tree. I noticed something moving south of where I was. I moved through the trees toward where I saw the movement. When I got there I saw Lloyd and the Fangpyre. They were heading to the Hypnobrai's head quarters. I just watched. The Hypnobrai came outside to attack. I don't know exactly happened. All I know is they didn't attack each other. They seemed to be friends. I could tell that Lloyd was mad. He stormed off and I followed him. He knew I was behinde him.

"I have a new plan. Follow me," he said.

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