Ninja Girl: Your Enemies Closer

Alex's brother, Lloyd, is in danger. He unleashed the Hypnobrai and now he has unleashed the Fangpyre. Alex breaks away from the ninja when they tell her not to go after Lloyd. She tries to convince Lloyd that the serpentine will only betray him if he unleashes them. He doesn't listen and ends up opening the Andicondrai tribe. Will anything change his mind?


4. Chapter 3: Leaving

When we got back to the monistary Nya and Uncle greeted us. "How was the mission?" Nya asked when we got through the door. "Swell. Just swell," I said sarcasticly as I went into mine and Nya's room. I sat down against the wall and I could hear Kai. He was telling them how I verred from the plan. He even said that if they hadn't drivin the serpentine away then I could have gotten in to danger. I was really mad at Kai now. The Uncle walked in. I stood up expecting a lecture. Instead he said, "Come, I have something for you." I followed him into his room. He went over to a closet and got out a sword. Then I realized it was my old dueling swords. I had my uncle take them with him when he left. "My dueling swords? You kept them?" I asked. "I figured they would come in handy," he replied. I took my swords and bowed–it was a custom. Then I went back to my room. Nya was in there getting ready for bed. I decided to go to bed too so I changed into my pajamas. Nya could tell I was still mad at what Kai said.

"Just ignore my brother. Sometimes he's a little hot headed," she said.

"Sometimes? A little?" I questioned.

Nya just laughed a little and laid down in her bed. I laid down in mine and thought for a while. I couldn't sleep knowing my little brother was out there in danger. After an hour of thinking I decided to leave. I knew that as long as I was a part of the ninja then I couldn't get through to Lloyd. I changed back into my ninja suit, grabbed my swords, and left. I didn't know where I would find Lloyd. I wondered around a little before I checked the Hypnobrai HQ. When I arrived I saw Lloyd running out of the place. He ran into the woods and I followed him. I stopped him about half way through the forest.

"What do you want?" he asked when he saw me.

"Why were you running from the Hypnobrai?" I replied.

Lloyd hesitated and said, "You were right when you said they were going to betray me. Now you tell me what you're doing here."

I sighed and replied, "I couldn't sleep so I ran off to make sure you were okay."

"Well I'm fine," he said.

Then I saw him pull out a map and study. I walked toward him a little.

"What do you have there?" I asked.

"It's a map to all the serpant tumbs," he replied.

I froze and said, "You're going to unleash another tribe?"

"Well duh. I need to get my revenge on the Hypnobrai for betraying me. You should come with me," he said.

"Okay I will," I said.

I only agreed to go along with Lloyd so I could try and prevent him from opening the next tumb. I also wasn't going back to the monistary where Kai can yell at me for leaving, I figured they would be up since the sun was rising. Lloyd's map lead us into a cemetary where there was a strange looking tree.

"We're here," he said. "This is where we will find the Fangpyre."

I remembered that the Fangpyre's bite could turn anything into a serpant.

"Are you sure you want to unleash the Fangpyre?" I questioned.

"Come on, there's no harm done. Besides I know for a fact all the tribes are at war so it doesn't matter," he replied.

I wasn't really refering to the fact that the Fangpyre and Hypnobrai were at war. I perfering to the fact that the Fangpyre would bite people to make there army. I slowly backed away when he went to open the tumb. Before he pulled the lever I hid behind a tree. I wasn't taking any chances with the serpants. I noticed Lloyd wasn't so confident either. He hesitated in pulling the lever back. After a short moment he pulled it and the tumb opened.

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