Ninja Girl: Your Enemies Closer

Alex's brother, Lloyd, is in danger. He unleashed the Hypnobrai and now he has unleashed the Fangpyre. Alex breaks away from the ninja when they tell her not to go after Lloyd. She tries to convince Lloyd that the serpentine will only betray him if he unleashes them. He doesn't listen and ends up opening the Andicondrai tribe. Will anything change his mind?


3. Chapter 2: Alex's Brother

When we got to Ninjago City we hid in an alley way looking for the Hypnobrai. We didn't see the first snake until after the sun had completely gone down. We decided to follow it to the other snakes. Right before we left I saw something in the shadows. I started toward it when Cole put his hand on my shoulder. "What are you doing?" he asked. Without my eyes leaving where I saw the shadow I replied, "I thought I saw something." "Come on guys, focus," Kai said. Everyone started out of the alley and followed the snake. Right before I left the alley I heard something. I spun around and saw someone in the shadows. I thought maybe it was a snake so I snuck toward it. I shimmied along the wall so it wouldn't see me. Then I turned to strike. "Don't attack," the voice said. I knew it wasn't a snake. The voice sounded like a little boy. I took a closer look and recognized the face. "Lloyd?" I said, shocked."Alex?" he replied. I was face to face with my brother. It had been almost five years since I saw him. I forgot about why I was there and what he had done. I was just glad to see my little brother again. Lloyd was about eight years younger than me. That made him ten. He seemed older though. I hugged him for a few moments. Then he asked, "Are you with the ninja?" I let go and thought for a moment. I didn't know what to say. I knew he was against the ninja right now. I just nodded. Then I remembered that the serpentine were going to attack Lloyd. "Lloyd we need to go. The serpentine are here and–" I said. "I know, I released them," he said. "Yes but they are planning on betraying you," I warned.

"No they're not. If you’re trying to trick me, I'm smarter than that," he replied. "They really are. Nya told us she overheard them when–" I tried telling him. He cut me off, "I see what's going on here. You’re trying to get me to leave the serpentine so the ninja can get me. Well I'm not falling for it." Lloyd then took off down the alley. I started after him but something stopped me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around. It was Kai. "What do you think you're doing? You're veering from the plan," he hissed."Yeah but Lloyd–" I started. "No," he interrupted, "You were suppose to help us. You're just lucky we could handle them without you." "What's that suppose to mean? Are you saying I'm a bad fighter?" I yelled. "We'll yeah. You can't even beat me," he said. I was mad. I went to attack and so did Kai. The Cole grabbed me by my shoulders and Jay grabbed Kai's. "Enough. You two are a part of the same team now. You need to learn to get along," Cole said. I just looked at him and nodded. Kai did the same. Then we went back to the monastery.

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