Ninja Girl: Your Enemies Closer

Alex's brother, Lloyd, is in danger. He unleashed the Hypnobrai and now he has unleashed the Fangpyre. Alex breaks away from the ninja when they tell her not to go after Lloyd. She tries to convince Lloyd that the serpentine will only betray him if he unleashes them. He doesn't listen and ends up opening the Andicondrai tribe. Will anything change his mind?


2. Chapter 1: Training Coarse

"What?!" I exclaimed when my uncle told me the news. "Wait a second. Lloyd's your brother? Does that mean--" "Jay!" Cole snapped. "If Sensei's her uncle then of corse Lloyd's her brother." "Why would Lloyd do something like that?" I questioned. "It was to be like your father," Uncle replied. I knew something like this would happen. Lloyd and my dad were really close. Unfortunately, my dad is the most evil villain in all of Ninjago. Lloyd and I were really close too until my family was separated. “Well we have to stop Lloyd before he unleashes another tribe," I said. "Right now our first priority is to stop the snakes from attacking the city," Kai said. "We should get some rest so we are at the top of our game," Zane said. We all headed to bed. I lied awake for a few minutes. I knew I had to help my brother by keeping him away from the serpentine. They were after him and I needed to help him. At some point I fell asleep.


When I awoke I changed into my ninja suit and went to the training yard. Everyone was already up training. When I got their Cole noticed and walked over to me. He showed me the course and what to do. I ran it a couple times then Cole gave me a challenge. "You know," he said, "Kai holds the record." "What's the record," I said with a smile. I really wanted to beat Kai's record. I would just do anything to make Kai mad. Plus it would be so cool to have the record. "The record is five seconds," Cole replied.

"Kai, ran this entire course, in five seconds?" I said a little impressed. "Yep," Cole said. I smiled and said, "I so wanna try to beat his record." Cole nodded and went over to tell the others. I heard Kai laugh in disbelief. "She can't beat my record," I heard Kai say. That pushed it a little. I ran the course a few times getting faster each time. The closest I got to Kai's record was seven seconds. By then I was panting and out of breath. "One more go," I said in between breaths. "I think you need a break," Jay said. "I guess," I replied. I sat down and took a break. Then the sun started to set. We all looked at each other. We knew the serpentine would attack soon. We headed out.


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