My guitar teacher (a Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Madeline always wanted to have guitar lessons, finally she gets lessons, guess who her teacher is? And what about Madeline's stephdad?

Sorry if some of my english isn't good, i'm Dutch


9. Niall!

Madeline's POV


I woke up of my phone zooming. I got a text of a strange number


Stranger: Come at 2 pm. @ Starb. for work.


I Placed the number in my contacts and went to the livingroom where i found a sleeping Niall, he didn't want to go home yesterday so he slept on the couch, he looked so cute! I walked to him and kissed him on his cheek. "Good morning sleeping beauty." I said and laughed about my joke. He woke up and smiled, he pulled me to him and I fell on him. We laughed and then I kissed him. "EEEEWW! Do that somewhere else please?!" Jessica screamed and laughed. "Oke, Let's go babe." Niall said and got up. I laughed as he led me to the bedroom and locked the door. He walked over to me, and pushed me softly to the wall and we kissed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips and he walked over to the bed. He laid me down and kissed me. "You look beautiful." He said while looking in my eyes. I smiled and kissed him. "Now you have to leave mister Horan, I have to work today and I have to shower." "Let me shower with you." He moaned. I smiled "No no, shower is private." We laughed and he got up. "well, have fun in the shower." He said and winked. I gave him a fast peck on the lips and he left. 


I was showering when I heard loud knocks on the door "LIN!! Help me!" Jessica screamed. I shocked and thought Richard was here. I got out of the shower and took a towel around my body. I ran out of the bathroom and Jessica stood there laughing and looking into the kitchen. "Niall got hungry and, well just look into the kitchen she said without looking at me. "JESSICA!! I thought there were real problems!" She looked at me and her eyes got big and laughed harder. "Omygosh sorry!" She screamed. Niall walked in and saw me, I was wet and standing in a towel. He smirked "Hello there beautiful." "Shut up!' I screamed and walked back to the bathroom.


I was done showering and walked into the kitchen. "Omygosh! Who did this?" I screamed. Two hands picked me up and turned me around. "I was." Niall said in a mistery voice and kissed me. "Whell mister, you're not going to leave before the whole kitchen is cleaned up!" I said in a fake angry way. "Yes ma'am, but.." "But what?" "Only if i get a very long kiss as reward." He said. "Shure" I said and kissed him back. "Now start with cleaning!" I said and walked away. I heard a laugh comming out of the kitchen. I walked over to Jessica and sat next to her. I was right on time, Gossip girl started.

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