My guitar teacher (a Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Madeline always wanted to have guitar lessons, finally she gets lessons, guess who her teacher is? And what about Madeline's stephdad?

Sorry if some of my english isn't good, i'm Dutch


7. Jessica?

Madeline's POV I arived at the hotel and sat down on my bed. I was very happy with Niall, but scared for Richard. What if he finds me? I showered and went to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up by loud banging on the door. When i opened the door Jessica stood there. "OMG JESS! What are you doing here?" "I hadn't spoke to you in ages and I was woried like hell!" Jessica screamed. "Come in, please?" I said and let her in. "Can we talk tomorow? I'm tired like hell" Jessica yawned. "Shure." We walked over to my bed and fell asleep.


Jessica's POV Madeline does't know why i'm here, Richard went to my house and screamed that I had to tell him were she was. Ofcourse i didn't say anything so he raped me.. God damn why had my parents leave that night? I silently started crying, I hope i didn't wake Madeline.. I woke up and saw Madeline was gone. I freaked out a bit, where the hell could she be? I started walking trough the room, it was verry big! “Lin? Where are you?” I asked “In da bathroom!” She screamed. I walked to the bathroom and Madeline was busy with her make up. “Watcha doin?” I asked. “Doing make up, i'm gonna search for a job today.” Well, i'll just stay here, watch a bit tv or something. “Oke, that's a good idea” she said and smiled. We walked to the kitchen and started making some breakfast.


“Lin, I have to tell you something. Richard went to my house and said I had to tell where you were.” She turned around and looked shocked. “Omygosh, he didn't touch you, right?” “He did, my parents weren't at home, so he raped me..” I said and the tears stream down my face.. (Haha) Madeline looked shocked and walked towards me and hugged me. “It's alright.. Once i'll call the police..” She placed her hands on my cheeks “please promise me that you'll never tell anyone, and stay here please?” “O-oke, I'll call my parents.” We hugged and i stopped crying. We eated and cleared the stuff and Madeline got out and searched for a job.

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