My guitar teacher (a Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Madeline always wanted to have guitar lessons, finally she gets lessons, guess who her teacher is? And what about Madeline's stephdad?

Sorry if some of my english isn't good, i'm Dutch


10. feeling sick

Madeline's POV


It was almost 2PM. So Niall and I left. He brought me to starbucks. "Well, have a nice day." "I can't, not without you." I said flirting. "I'll come later this day oke?" "Shure"  I said. I kissed him, he licked my lower lip and I let him enter, he placed his hands on my hips and I placed my hands round is neck. I felt buterflies in my stomach. He pulled me closer to him and we kissed very, very long. We stopped and I looked him in the eyes. "I love you," I whispered leaning my forehead on his. "I love you too, babe." He said. "I have to work now.." "See ya later babe." He said and kissed me. "Bye." I whispered and he let me go.


Work was very boring, until I saw the boy with a blonde quiff and blue eyes  walking to me, "Hello sweetheart, did you miss me?" "Oh yes! Very much." I smiled. Then I saw Harry behind Niall. "Hey harry!" I said. "Let's go, I have a pause." "Shure babe, where do you want to go to?" Niall said. "Subway? I'm starving!" Harry said. "Shure!"' I said, walking outside. we got in the car and drove of. We ordered and sat down at a table. After eating I felt guilty, I had eaten to much. Niall and Harry got up. "Wait a sec. I Have to use the bathroom" I said and walked off. In the bathroom i got on my knees and stuck my finger down my throat. When I was done I felt a bit sick, but I had to go to work again. "Is everything oke babe?" "Yeah everything's fine." I said with a weak smile.


Harry's POV


When Madeline came back she looked pale. I knew something wasn't oke. We walked back to the car, when Madeline is back at work i'll talk with Niall.


Madeline's POV


I walked into Starbucks, when Erik came over. "Madeline, you look very pale, is everything alright?" "Yeah only a bit sick, not more." I answered. "Well, maby it's better if you go home." "If you say so." I said "Can you text me if you think you can work again?" "Yeah." I walked outside lucky to see Nialls car still on the parking lot. I walked over to them and Niall saw me "Babe? What's wrong?" "I feel sick, so I had to stop." I said. "C'mon, I'll drive you home." Niall said with a worried expression on his face. I walked to the car when everything got white, I heard a really soft voice saying something and then everything got black.

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