My guitar teacher (a Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Madeline always wanted to have guitar lessons, finally she gets lessons, guess who her teacher is? And what about Madeline's stephdad?

Sorry if some of my english isn't good, i'm Dutch


5. Bad thoughts

Madeline's POV


After the lesson I hugged Niall and gave him the money for the guitar and the first lesson. "Bye, I liked this lesson" I said softly, he hugged me, I love his hugs. I got out of the door and searched for a hotel. Once i found one, I went to the bathroom and showered. I looked in the mirror, I wasn't very happy with how i looked, maby it was good that i hadn't eat for two days, I'm thinner now. I decided to watch a movie and went to bed. I couldn't sleep, Niall was in my mind, he was so cute and funny and he's a good songwriter. I thought about him singing and fell asleep. 


The next morning I woke up because I got an text from:

Nialler: Ey Maddie watcha think of hanging out 2day?

Me: Sounds cool, 2 pm. @ starbucks?

Nialler: Yeah see u there x

Madeline: OKx


I got up and went tp the bathroom, I was very hungry but i didn't want to eat, i can live with the bodyfat I have. I put on some mascara, put my blue bandana in my hair and change clothes. this is what Madeline wears:

It was now 12 pm. I went out of the hotel and went shopping a bit. After shopping it was 1.45 so I started walking to starbuckt when is heard a horn, I turned aroud and saw Niall smiling in his car.I smiled and walked to him. "Well hello there." He said "Hey." "Hop in" I got in the car and we drove to starbucks.


Nialls POV


We stopped at a traffic light and I was about to ask what she bought when Madeline swooped down "SHIT!" "What's wrong?"I ask. "Nothing, just drive please?" I drove further, I wanted to know why she shocked. We drove to the starbucks and I stopped there. She got out of the car, she looked very bad, thin and hungry. We walked inside and ordered. then we sat down at a table. She didn't drink much and was silent. I was woried a bit. "Soo what did you buy?" I asked. "A pink dress, two jeans, a blouse, a top and a pair of sneakers." "Cool" I said and winked. "Yeah, sorry I have to use the bathroom, be right back" And she walked to the bathroom. I'm a bit woried but i'm not going to ask her whats wrong, she has to tell it herself without me pushing her.


Madeline's POV


I went to go to the bathroom, i walked to one of the doors and got on my knees, I don't know why but I had to. When I was done i got up and walked back to the table. "Everything oké?" Niall asked. I wanted to tell him what hapenend but I couldn't., I didn't want him to know. "Yeah, why not" I said and weakly smiled. "Wanna go to my house?" He asked. "Yeah I'd love to" I smiled. We walked to his car and drove of to his house.

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