Thine Lips

A poem about unrequited love.


1. Unrequited, I fall alone.


I find myself missing thine lips,

Those eyes of ice.

Melt in my arms, you would do so bitterly.

Never your guard did fail you,

But shatter the barricade, fall for me.

You bond to loathing, and I to compassion,

We can hate to love.


Speak words of what we have,

Never hide, for the stars will spell it out clear as day.

For I, want to scream it.

Let my lungs burst, and my throat crack.

As long as you hear those words, it will be worth it.


Sit by water, sit by coffee. We might stare into spaces as though in mid conversation,

smile as though we told a joke.

How could I miss thine lips?

To smile and kiss and adore.

To speak the I love yous you only do when we would be alone.

Public nature would spoil us.

Oh, dear love.


As though we will never meet. I am but a stranger to your heartstrings,

Yet mine burn at the thought of your cool touch.

Hold me back, hold me close.

Whatever I can do to be rid of this disease.

Tingles in my spine, why will you not admit?

That I do the same to you, make butterflies squeal in your stomach and cause unhealthy optimism.

Unrequited love is all we are. The agony one must face alone.

Without the cool taste of your stony, pale lips.

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