The Prettiest & Ugliest

It happens every year at Rushmore high, where the most prettiest girls and the ugliest girls of the fresmen,junior,sophmore, and senior year are put on a list to catogorize where they belong. This years contestants on the list are 'drum roll please'......

*Some language
note- the cover is being wacked and isn't working


1. Prologue

   It happens every year at Rushmore High, The list. Yup one of the most friend crushing, heart breaking, most likely lead you to depression if you're on it. You are either the lucky girl who is put on as being the prettiest of the grade, I mean it may sound like love and flowers but in reality it changes who you are. Then we have the unlucky girls, the ones put under the ugliest of the grade. Well these girls get tourmented and really discover who is there for them or not. Well the person who made the list.... no one knows only for you to find out. Now for the intresting part, who is on it. Well lets see... drum role please.




  Cassy Jones-

 Yeah you're the school soccer star but your voice.... sounds like a guy which is unatractive


  Alison Moore -
 Well congrats for over coming your sisters personality ( plus you are way prettier)




 Taylor Cami-

You may be pretty on the outside but you are rotton on the inside. ( known as the ginger with no soul)


Alexis Findland -
Everyon is hot for the new girl welcome Alexis or Lexi I like Lexi



 Karen Moore -

This must kill you to see your sister on this I bet right? I mean YOU always want to be the best and the pretty one well it looks like some compition swept in.


 Sam Brisk -

 Pretty, Nice, Popular, The question is what aren't you sam? I put you on here because you actually just don't try to be popular you just are. 




 Caroline Drift -

 The only person who has been on the list three years in a row! way to go! ( a round of a plause when you see this girl in the halls please)


Raquel Sims -

 Head cheer leader, pretty, do you hear that? Oh yeah it sounds like the new home coming queen.


Well now that you know who the girls are lets see how they can hold up some being called ugly and pretty. I bet someone reading this has been called a name, well then you already have something in common with these girls. Well enough if this I have to print this out before the first bell.





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