The Prettiest & Ugliest

It happens every year at Rushmore high, where the most prettiest girls and the ugliest girls of the fresmen,junior,sophmore, and senior year are put on a list to catogorize where they belong. This years contestants on the list are 'drum roll please'......

*Some language
note- the cover is being wacked and isn't working


2. Monday



   Alison's POV: I punch my alarm and squint my eyes staring at the glowing green number. I huff and through my black and white desgined covers and dangle my feet over the edge of my bed and get up. My feet hit the black carpet and I scrunch my toes into the carpet, the pink nail polish poping out. I open my white dressers and search for my white see through shirt with the lace in the back and a coler, once I find it I put on a bando and through the shirt on. I pull up my high wasted pink shorts and button the pants. I walk over to my closet and open the door, I look at the bottom and grab my brown strap sandals and buckle the strap. I walk back over to my mirror and apply a coat of mascara which makes my light blue eyes pop. I place a little bit of tone color lip gloss over my pink plump lips. I place my blonde wavy hair into a fish tail braid and let it fall over my right shoulder. I smile at myself in the mirror and grab my victoria secrete bag and walk out into the kitchen. "Hey Karen" I smile at my sister. She hangs over her kelloggs cereal and places the spoon in her mouth. She has a lavender see through shirt on with a white bando and white short shorts. "Listen Ally, since we are going to the same school now" she claps her hands together and clears her plate. "Don't talk to me, do not wave to me, aproach me in the halls or even look at me clear?" she squnits her eyes at me. "Yup, I figured" I grab an apple and bite into it the juice entering my mouth. She rolls her eyes and walks into the bathroom. I pick my phone up and text my bestfriend Alyssa- hey are you driving us today? I press the send button and instantly I get a reply yeah, be ready ally :) I through out my apple core and walk over to the bathroom, I bang on the door "Karen hurry up! I have to brush my teeth! who would want to be friends with an apple breath girl?" the door opens and Karen's head pops out "I'll be out in a minute" I look at her and push the door open and squirt the toothpaste on my toothbrush. I brush in circles cleaning every inch of my mouth. I spit out the foam and grab a bathroom cup and swish out the minty flavor and leave the bathroom. A honk apears from outside and Alyssa's BMW is in the drive way and I yell " Karen lets go!" I open the door and walk down the steps, the warm sun on my skin as I enter the back seat of the car. "Hey Alyssa" I say climbing in the back seat of the car. Alyssa turns around in her seat and looks at me "you ready?" she asks with a big smile "I guess, I just I don't know I'm a little nervous." I look down at my shiny pink coated nails. Karen strolls over to the passenger side of Britt's new BMW, she smiles at her and sits in and closes the car door. I buckle up and sit patiently to leave from the drive way. Britt puts the car in reverse and starts going, we pass the houses of my neighborhood and I look out the car window. Alyssa has black slick hair, with big brown eyes and she has some what fair skin it's inbetween very pale and tan. I mean she could be darker if she tanned with me over the summer, drinking pink lemonaids and siting by the pool. Unfortunatly she was away in Europe the whole summer. It's not even hot there or is it? I never been to Euorpe. We pull into the school and my jaw drops, sure I have seen the school when I picked my sister up from school with my mom but this is just huge. I crawl out from the back and open the car door, the wind whips my blond strands of hair around and I hop out of the car. Alyssa follows me and we both fix our outfits and look at the school. We walk towards the doors and open to a very different setting then I expected, kids were just standing around hovering over lockers and talking. It wasn't as loud as I thought it would be. I grab my scheduel and look around for my locker which is C34. I walk along the lockers and find my locker. The blue paint chiped and cracked, the number almost scraped off by the rebles of the school. I twist my combination in, 20-12-13 , the locker rattles as it opens and a piece of paper falls out. "whats that?" Alyssa asks bending down picking up the piece of paper. She hands me the paper and I open the envolope. There is a red stamp which is wax and I slip the paper out and open it. "Oh my god thats the list" she says and she rips the paper out of my hands and says "everyone gets one of these and it happens every year! Oh I should probably go to my locker to see if mine is in there!" she glances at the paper and her mouth opens wide "oh my god" she flips the paper around and says "you're on the list! you made the list!" I feel my face get hot. I grab the paper and skim through the freshmens "prettiest Alison Moore" I look up and say "it says I over came my sisters personality" Alyssa shrugs "now take a look at the ugliest Junior" I skim the paper and my mouth opens wide "Karen Moore" I bite my lip "if my sister see's this I will be dead, she always has to be better at me in everything" I fold the list and place it in the pocket of my bag. "hey congrats on making the list" I turn and notice the boy I have loved since fourth grade Niall Horan. Yeah he has a girlfriend but we will see if I can win him over. "thanks Niall, see you around" I walk away and he yells "Hey wait" his irish accent making me melt. "Yeah" I cross my arms and Alyssa stands there patiently "Do you guys want to come to a party on friday, it's befor home coming it will be awsome" Niall leans against a locker and his blue eyes sparkle as I stare into them "Um yeah sure that would be  cool" I try to stay calm but I'm dying on the inside. "cool" he shoves his hands in his pockets and walks away. "Oh my god" I huff and Alyssa smiles "That is so fantastic!" she then pauses "i feel bad for whoever got ugliest of the grade". Alyssa shrugs and I pause and look at the list "cassy Jones" Alyssa stops "Cassy Jones? Ally thats Niall's girlfriend" we pause. "Oh my god, he could dump her for me" I smile and hug my books "I doubt that he really loves her" I shrug "yeah I wonder how she is holding up".


 Cassy's POV: I walk through the school and my brown hair is in a high pony tail and I am wearing my David Beckham jersey. "Hey Cass way to make varsity" Janet pats me on the back and walks away "yeah thanks J" I say and walk over to my locker. I twist the combination and open my locker and a piece of paper falls out. I open the sealed envolope and stare at the list. Ugliest freshmen Cassy Jones, my heart stops and I continue reading, you may be the star soccer player but your voice sounds like a man which is unatractive. How could someone say somthing so mean? I shove my books in my locker and stare at Niall talking to Alison Moore. Why is he talking to that barbie doll? Niall walks over to my locker and kisses me on the cheek. "Hey babe" he says and wraps his arms around me. "hey whats up?" I ask he smiles "nothing really" he looks down at the paper "hey you got a list too" I reaches for it and I fold it away. "Yeah it's so stupid" I huff and he smiles "come on cassy let me see" I shrug "don't you have your own?" I slam my locker. "Cass just let me see the list" I sigh and hand him the slip of paper. "Cass...this is why you didn't want me to see it?" he points out my name on the list under freshmens. "well yeah I mean I understand if you don't want to go out with me any more". I sigh and grab the list out of his hands and walk away. "cassy" he grabs my wrist and twists it around "I would never dump you over this stupid thing, trust me you are perfect, beautiful and you are pretty bad ass at soccer." I smile "I mean I did do a bycicle kick over your head in practice." he luaghs "well maybe you should teach me some moves" I smile and we walk towards our first period class. "I have a question" I say and he looks at me with his blue dreamy eyes. "why did you go and talk to Alison Moore?" he huffs and pushes his blond hair back "I was just... congradulating her on making the list" I stop "wait what" I look down and Alison Moore's name is right smack under pretty. "Cass" Niall says and I clench my fists "You congradulated the one person I Hate! You basicly just called her hot" I cross my arms "Cassy listen it was just a..." I stare him down "whatever Niall we will talk about this later" I walk away from him and he sighs "bye Cassy" he walks the oppisite way and I enter my first class. Of course guess who is sitting with her little friend in the back, Alison Moore. "hey Cassy!" she smiles her fake smile. I really know why she is talking to me, she loved Niall ever since fourth grade when he kissed her under the play ground slide. I decided to keep my game face on "Oh hey Alison" I smile and sit as far away as her from possible. "hey take a seat next to me" she smiles "Oh I'm good thanks though" I turn and tap my pencil on the desk. "I saw Niall before" she smiles and Alyssa looks at her "Yeah he told me, congrats for being pretty on the list" I roll my eyes and I can feel her smile and blue eyes burning into my back "Yeah you're so lucky to have him" I spin around "listen Barbie, if you ever try anything with Niall or even try to steel him away from me I will soccer style slap you are we clear?" I spit and she smiles "crystal". I turn back around "alright class welcome to English I'm mrs. Klipon" she writes her name on the bored. It feels like hours for the period to go bye but soon the bell rings. We exit class, "see you at freshmen lunch period" she smiles and walks away. God I hate her.

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