Honestly, I love you

This is a poem I wrote to a girl on Valentines Day, but I didn't send it.......


1. Honestly, I love you



BLA BLA, I love you, you are cute as can be,

As much as I look, you never see me,

You're Beautiful as hell,

I love the way you smell,

Please I want you to be mine!


BLA BLA, I love you, Can't you see that I care,

You have such beautiful hair,

You're smile is so pretty,

I hope you’re not feeling pity,

That I wrote this whole poem for you


It’s obvious I love you,

I smile so much when I’m with you,

And I hope this poem is not a lump of poo!


Seriously BLA BLA, I love you,

And clearly want to be with you,

I really, really DO!

Look, I know I’m not smart,

But, this comes from my heart,

And BLA BLA I honestly love you  


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