Where are you now?

Memories. They suck. That's what 19 year old Star is burdened with. Memories of her past friend, who turned into more. He left her in her time of need.


5. The Stars will Shine

You are my star.

Three movies later at one in the morning, we were saying good bye to Sugar. Her phone had gone off and it was her mum. She needed Sugar home to take care of her younger sister because her aunt had broken her ankle. We walked to the door and waved goodbye. After, me and Zayn grabbed popcorn, a blanket and my parents wine (shh). I showed him the way up to the roof and we laid out the blanket. He was the first one to speak after we poured our drinks.

"Why do you let them call you those names? Why don't you stop them?" he asked. I took a long sip before answering this one.

"They don't like me. I can't do anything about it because then they would call me ungrateful. I just deal with it and work hard so I can leave this hell house and live with my mom." I sighed and let the wine calm me. I laid down on the blanket, star gazing.

"What happened to your mom? Rumors floated around, but nothing seemed true." Zayn asked, lying down next to me.

I sighed. "She was in a car accident. The driver was drunk and ended up walking away fine. But my mom was harmed. She suffered from brain damage and can't do much. She lives in a "help house" which is a lot of bull. And in the middle of her crisis, my dads left her. I had to go with him because my mom was "unfit" to care for me. I hated him."

By this time, tears steamed down my face. I felt him shift on the blanket and I turned my head and his face was inches from mine. He kissed my lips suddenly but softly. I smiled.

"Gracie, you are perfect. No one will be able to tell you different and be right. You are special and I am sure you'll be able to go where ever you want to. Look at the stars." he said pointing up."Look at how they only shine for you."

We started to kiss again, this time harder. As we got deeper into it, I couldn't help but think this was the wines work. But I soon forgot as we got into it. I thought this was going to be innocent. No consequences.

Boy, was I wrong.

I will shine bright for you, my love.

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