Where are you now?

Memories. They suck. That's what 19 year old Star is burdened with. Memories of her past friend, who turned into more. He left her in her time of need.


6. Positive

Nothings fine I'm Torn

"So, the dick just left? No note, no nothing?" Sugar spat. I nodded as she paced the room, ranting about Zayn Malik, the boy who used me.

Last night, after being out on the roof until sunrise, we moved to my bed and just laid there, cuddling. I fell asleep first and awoke alone at ten in the morning, naked.

After I had dressed, I went to look if he went to the kitchen, which would be asking for a verbal beat down, but he wasn't there. I called Sugar and asked if she could come over, to talk. Sugar came over and came in through the back door. My step mom was having her baby shower and didn't want me or my friends interrupting a family occasion. Figures.

"That asshole! I can not believe he did that! He used you like a rag! I bet I could track him down and kil-I mean, hurt him badly. Grace, you okay?"

Truth be told, I wasn't I was dazed and confused. He just left? Why? I thought he liked me. It sure felt like it last night.

After Sugar had blown off some steam, she looked at me with great sadness.

"I'll help you get through this, okay? You don't need any boys at all. They are just bitches who need a slap in the face."

I smiled. At least I had Sugar. Maybe I'll forget Zayn Malik, the boy who took away the thing I was saving. Wrong, yet again.

*Time passes: two months*

It was spring break when I found out. And I was home alone. The rest of my so called family was taking a six month vacation in the States. Thanks, mom and dad!

I was alone in the house and watching a movie when I had a sudden urge to vomit. I ran to the nearest bathroom and threw up. Multiple times.

Off to the store I was. In my cat pajamas and tie-dye sweatshirt. People gave me weird looks but didn't stop me. I had to hurry because Sugar was supposed to meet me at my house in twenty minutes. And I was scared.

I bought about ten different kinds of pregnancy tests tissues. Just in case one was whack. I was sweating so hard the guy at the check out gave me a look. I weakly smiled and ran out. Into my car. To home.

"Gracie! You left the weirdest message and I came as fast as I could! What's up?" I answered the door to a similarly dressed Sugar. I let her in and she looked at me. 

"Tell me now. Or I will beat it out of you now." I looked at her and started to cry.

"No, Gracie! I didn't mean it! Please don't cry! Come on, give me a hug." She pulled me I into a bear hug and I cried into her shoulder. And cried.

Before she had came, I had taken the tests and you could tell why I had been crying. They had all been positive. I was pregnant.

With Zayn Malik's baby.


The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal.

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