Where are you now?

Memories. They suck. That's what 19 year old Star is burdened with. Memories of her past friend, who turned into more. He left her in her time of need.


4. Movies

If I had one wish...

By the end of class, I had decided that I liked Zayn. He was a good friend and now we knew basically everything about each other. And I asked him if he wanted to get pizza later with my friend. He said yes and we parted ways. In the hallway, I tested his trust with a simple word.

"Zayn!" I half yelled. I held my breath.

He turned around. Even though he was walking with his friends, he turned to look at me. I smiled.

"See you later!" I called and he waved when I did. That made my day.


"So. Your name is Sugar Spice? Where your parents high?" Zayn asked.

We were sitting down to eat pizza and Sugar had introduced herself. She laughed when he asked.

"No. They weren't. But they did let my seven year old sister pick my name, so, that could be part of it." she explained.

I should probably tell you that Sugar is a laid back, carefree person. But if you get on her dark side, your fucked.

When are food was ready, we sat silently are enjoyed the cheesy wonders. I had ordered a plain pizza and a pink lemonade. Zayn got the meat lovers special and Sugar had a peperoni slice. They both got diet cokes.

When we finished our lunch/snack, I invited them both back to my place for a movie marathon. They both said yes and we left the mini mall.


Let me explain something before you meet my family. They are messed up. My mom resents me and I am basically her maid and step stool. My dad could care less about me and always compares me to my two stepsisters. And not in a good way. My sisters are like devils in heels and make up. i am supposed to drive them everywhere even though they are two years older then me and have licenses. That is why I can not wait to get out of here.

Sugar knows my family, so she was prepared. Zayn wasn't. We walked in and my bitch sister Holly commented,

"Oh! Looks like you brought home a boy! Slut! And three? Wow, you must be paying a lot." She snickered.

I turned red and grabbed Zayn's hand and lead him up the steps and to my big room. Sugar followed after saying a few mean words.

"Why do they do that to you?"he asked, sounding concerned. I shook my head.

"That's  a good day. Just ignore them. They'll stop. Lets watch a movie."

I'd change the world.


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