It Boy

Harry Styles is the 'It Boy' at Mason High School. Every girl would die to be with him.

He takes a liking to the new girl, Olivia, quickly.

She's clearly not interested,
curtiousy to her past.
Harry drinks insanely,
which also due to her past, frightens her a bit.

He wants her.
She hates him.

He won't stop at anything to get her.

Will he get the girl? Or will she escape from his clutches?


3. Chapter 3

The waves restlessly pushed against the rickety boat. The smell of fish in the air, along with the strong smell of salt. The sun rays soaking into my skin. My vessel cut like through the water like a hot knife through butter. The boat comes into the dock and I grab my things and hop off. “Oliviaaa,” I voice calls. I look around. My eyes trail to a tall shadowed figure leaning against a beach hut. A continue to walk on through the soft sand. “Oh c'mon babe,” Harry says rushing over. He pulls me against him. I struggle to release his hold on me. “Olivia.” He said. I stopped struggling, realising he was serious and wanted to say something. “Olivia, remember the day I said I felt different about you?” He asked. I ignored him. I looked down at our feet and frowned. Suddenly he dropped my hands and started walking away. He called behind his toned back, “See you tonight!”
“Harry, where are we going?” I said through gritted teeth. “I'm going to show you how much I love you.” He whispered back. I sighed and glanced out the window at the city. Bustling with noise, traffic lines of coloured ants moving in unison. The smell of car exhaust, processed food shacks. Vibrant colours of the city flashing by as the car flashed down the road.

“Where did you live before here?” Harry asked me. He had reserved us a very posh dinner, at a five-star restaurant. Just what I didn't want. I was still pretty mad at Harry. But I knew he was drunk, and people do stupid things when they're drunk...

My feet pad down the hardwood floor. The faint smell of alcohol fills my nose. I hear a moan. I walk a little bit farther down the hall. I hear another moan. “Shut up and be quiet.” I hear someone say. It sounded like Daddy. “Daddy?” I whispered. I hear glass shatter. Then another. “Fuck!” Someone says. Another moan, then a shrill scream. A bloody scream.

“Olivia Nicole Damon...” Harry licked his lips. “Harry Edward Styles...” I said and threw him a smile. He cradled my face in his hands, and kissed me. His rough lips against mine. Sweet love is born. I broke away, and he kissed my cheek. Then he slowly returned his burning lips to mine. He pulled me up against him so my body was on his side of the car, whilst my feet on my side. Our kisses were rough and demanding, but yet at the same time genuine, soft, gentle. Our tongues intertwined together.
“Harry, Harry.” I said. He continued kissing me. My neck, my cheeks, lips. “Harry!” I said. He stopped and I crawled back onto my side of the car. Silence. Then Harry softly chuckled. He got out of the car and came around the side to open the door for me. I stepped out and we went into his apartment. “Don't think this is over yet.” He whispered as we walked in.

He pushed me against the door, that was probably to his room most likely. I'd already been slammed against a wall the other night by my drunk friend, so I didn't even wince when Harry shoved me against it. He leant in for a kiss and I touched his chest ever so lightly. The kiss became more rough, as Harry took the lead. He gripped my hair, and pulled me closer. Nothing could go inbetween us now. We were pressed against each other. I felt Harry reach behind me for the door, I feel to the ground as it opened and Harry on top of me. Our lips never unlocking. We stood up and made our way to his bed. I couldn't see much, it was quite dark. But once we landed on that bed, my virginity was history. He made love to me that night, and I'd never forget it.

He remembered. He remembered, he said he could kiss me like that couple at the beach I was watching. When we were in the car, he cradled my face ever so lightly, before turning it to rough. He kept a promise to me. That's when I started to think he wasn't that boy that every girl wanted. Or the boy that would dump a girl after lying to her, telling her she means everything to him. I started to think he was different.
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