It Boy

Harry Styles is the 'It Boy' at Mason High School. Every girl would die to be with him.

He takes a liking to the new girl, Olivia, quickly.

She's clearly not interested,
curtiousy to her past.
Harry drinks insanely,
which also due to her past, frightens her a bit.

He wants her.
She hates him.

He won't stop at anything to get her.

Will he get the girl? Or will she escape from his clutches?


2. Chapter 2

The small droplets of water penetrate my body as I sprinted through my yard. The soles of my feet angrily pounding on the gravel of the road. Sweat ran down my forehead. I loped, and kept my breathing in tune with my steps.
I ran into the forest. The ground blurred below me as a spur of adrenaline surged through me. Hot tears began to form on the brim of my eyes. I ran like death was chasing me. A doe to a wolf. A seal to a shark.
But, there was one problem. I was running from myself.

I stumbled over the rocks that littered my path. I ducked under the low branches as I continued to run through the milky forest. I slowed to a stop. Tears flooding out now. When they stopped, I sat on a log and breathed heavily. My life was so messed up. We were soon adopting another family member. My brother was caught doing drug and drinking under age. My oldest sister, oh God, you can hear her and her boyfriend's moans from the room they share in the spare house. My mum and sister were fighting. My brother and my mum. My dad and I, about school. It was a lot of pressure. U wiped the tears from my face and marched back into town. Mud staining my jeans as I tromped through the forest. I reached an intersection when a black car pull around the corner.
I shrieked and his behind the nearest houses' garbage can. I heard a car door slam and I jumped. “Dammit.” I said quietly. I knew exactly who was in that car. I knew they were coming to get me. “Via.” His raspy voice called. I gripped the garbage can. He crouched down and touched my waist. Oh and one other issue. At school Harry was stuck to me like glue. I'm not being overactive. He was practically a part of me. “Are you okay?” He said. “Yes, I'm fine.” I whapped his hand off my waist. Silence. “Olivia, you know I have strong feelings for you. Why do you always push me away?” Harry said after a while. I looked away. Then at the ground. “..because you're like all the other boys that all the girls want. You swoon a girl, tell her she's your whole world, then dump her like an moldy old cheese sandwich.” I said glaring at him now. “I'm
not like that.” He said. “That's what they all say.” I stand up and brush off my jeans and continue to walk on. He grabs a firm hold of waist. I struggle and say, “Harry, I'm fine, really.” He pushes me up against him. He bends his head down and touches his nose to hers gently. “I'm sorry for taking it too far every time. Most girls are usually on top of me every night at this time in the relationship...” He looked up and straight into my eyes. I looked deep into his eyes. They were like a magical ball. They told so much but yet so little. He sighed. “I just…need you to trust me on this...” He cautiously. I nodded. “I feel…different about you.” He quietly whispered. He looked down again. “I'm hoping you can…trust me, and give me a chance?” I looked into his eyes. I saw truth. I decided to put my trust in him, and give him a chance.

I shift uncomfortably from one foot to another while the music pounds in my ears. Harry is downing many Randy Randy's, and I stand behind him. He was obviously drunk as hell, and wasn't going to pay any attention to me at the time, so I walked away. I walked over to a couch and gingerly sat down on the edge of it. “Olivia.” One of my old mate sits down next to me. “Hey Jouis.” I said. He flashed me a smile. “I haven't seen you in a while.” He put his arm around me. “I've missed you.” He leaned closer, kissing my neck. My nostrils were infumigated with the smell of alcohol. I put my hand on his chest. I cleared my throat. “Um, Jouis, h-how have you been?” I said. “Lost without you,” He said his hand around my waist. I stand up and brush off. “I'm going to, uh, grab a drink.” I suggested. He grabbed my waist and swerved me around. “We should go and talk…in private.” He said with a devilish smile on his face. He tugged me away as I turned to look for Harry. “Harry...” I said quiet enough for only me to hear.
He slammed me against a wall and started furiously kissing me. “I want you so bad, I always have. Since the day I met you.” He growled. “...and now you're going to pay.” He said. We went into the nearest room, Jouis shoving me along. He slammed the door shut and locked the door. “Jouis..uh, I-” “Nope.” He said pinning me down on the bed in the room. “I want you now.” He said over me. I felt a huge wave of alcohol burn through my nose and knew he was so drunk. That day he was pretty drunk. He began unbuttoning his pants. “No! Jouis no!” I said pushing him off me. He resisted. “Louis please no!! I don't want to!!” I said. I grasped his shoulders, “My mum Jouis!” I said. I didn't know how sober he was. “Do you remember what I told you?!” I shoved him off of me. He was pretty drunk, he fell against the wall and collapsed. I paved the room, realising what Jouis just drunkenly told me. Had he always been like this? Just not in front of me? I slammed my back against a wall and slid down in tears. “Mum...I'm so sorry.” I whispered. “I just miss you so much and- and- I shouldn't have come tonight.” The years poured. I stood up and wiped my tears away. I walked up to the bar. “Hey babe,” Harry put his arm around me. “I want a Bastard On The Beach.” I said. “That's a really strong drink..” The bartender said. I nodded and raised my eyebrows impatiently.

I went back to get my drink, only to see a girl flirting with Harry. I grabbed my drink. “Oh, Livi, this is Diana.” He gestured to her. I nodded and smiled. Obviously forgotten I was supposed to be his girlfriend. Not his 'other' girlfriend. I walked off with my drink and devoured it.
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