It Boy

Harry Styles is the 'It Boy' at Mason High School. Every girl would die to be with him.

He takes a liking to the new girl, Olivia, quickly.

She's clearly not interested,
curtiousy to her past.
Harry drinks insanely,
which also due to her past, frightens her a bit.

He wants her.
She hates him.

He won't stop at anything to get her.

Will he get the girl? Or will she escape from his clutches?


1. Chapter 1


Everyone has a place they go to to escape the pressure to be perfect, the emotional pain, and to relive the memories in their mind. For me, that's the beach. It is the ultimate cure to all of my issues. While I am there, all of my obligations are suddenly erased. I sit on my beach towel, soaking in sun rays. I hear the seagulls squawking...I often dream to be like a seagull, seemingly drifting endlessly in the wind without a care in the world. I listen to the waves crashing, smelling the saltwater. As the sun sets, colours of orange and pink paint the horizon. Suddenly the deep blue ocean's sparkling reflection from the sun, disappears as the sun sets. The golden sand darkens from it's loss of light. I just very recently had to switch schools. I still have my beach though. Not many people took interest in me...except for one boy in particular. The boy that any girl, and I mean any girl, wished she could have, Harry Styles. He could have any girl he wanted, but yet it only seemed he paid attention to me. I personally, thought he was annoying as hell. I quickly became confused on why all the girls fell for him. He never gave me my personal space either, and that is one thing I need. Slowly I get up and pack my stuff together and march slowly through the gritty sand and join the crowds, and head for home.
“Via!” I stopped dead in my tracks and swerved around. Was he following me? I searched until I saw his perfect body and perfect smile and ugh; he was so perfect. It's unnatural I tell you. But I didn't like him. I saw him smiling his cheeky smile with his dimples ingraved in his cheeks. I glared at him. “Harry.” I growled as he ran up next to me and grabbed my hand. I tried to pull away, but he had a strong grip, and I mean strong grip.
My mood instantly changed from relaxed to burnt.

“Why so grumpy?” Harry pinched my cheek. I whapped his hand away. “Not in the mood I see. Here, let me take you to get a smoothie.” He said smiling, trying to catch my eyes. “No.” I said. He poked me in the side. “You should.” he stopped and turned to face me hand in hand. His eyes sparkled. “You know, I just saw this perfect little dress that would look amazing on you.” He pulled out his phone and showed me the picture. I gasped. It was gorgeous!! I stopped smiling. This is what Harry did. He would persuade you to do what he wanted. With his sparkling eyes, cheeky smile...
He could persuade a drowning human to let go of their life ring.
“Maybe we should discuss it over smoothies?” Harry suggested. I gritted my teeth.


I watch a couple gingerly kissing each other. They were clearly absolutely, irritably, in love.
Her face cradled in his hands.
It was like their faces would melt together.
I looked away and my hair sweeped over the sides of my face. Harry pulled my chin up to meet his face. He closed his eyes. “I could always kiss you like that you know...maybe even better?” He chuckled and opened his eyes. I lightly pulled his hand away from my chin. I looked around a bit, a recognised a few people from school glaring at me. “You know what Harry-- I um, have to go.” I tucked my hair behind my ear and flustered with my things. I jumped down from my chair. “Via wait!” Harry called.

“So when do I get to meet your parents?” Harry was swaying back and forth. He leaned closer. I put my hand on his chest. “Harry, we aren't dating. You don't get to meet them.” I said bluntly. “I know but-” Harry positioned for a kiss. I backed up. “No. I have tried to be nice and do stuff with you as friends but you always take it too far. I'm done with being nice. I can't do it anymore Harry!! It's not like that between you and I. Y-you don't even know me.” I said. Harry took a step back. “...Why won't you go farther?” Harry whispered.
I sighed and fiddled with a zipper on my bag. I looked up and into his glass eyes. His sparkling eyes..the green colour seemed alluring. His eyes seemed darker now. He was more mad than sad I could see. His eyes were still so seductive. Whenever Harry Styles looked at you it was seductive. When you look into his eyes, you can imagine a green field with flowers...full of beauty. “I-I-” His eyes flashed with anger and sadness in sync. I gulped. “Am ashamed of me?” Harry suddenly said. “No Harry that's not it- I've told you before I'm not interested.” I sternly explained. “But, but- everyone is interested in me!” Harry looked away, his face in shock. “Well, um, except for me.” I said quietly. “Why didn't you tell me EARLIER?” Harry swerved around and yelled at me. I winced. “I tried..” I said. “You're into me. I know it. I can see it in your eyes. The way they melt like chocolate when I say something seductive.” He said smiling.
When he smiled I jumped.
I fiddled with my had and my heart rate sped up. I couldn't make eye contact.
Because I knew that smile.
Anyone who wore it was saying,
I won't stop at anything to get this.
And I knew Harry wasn't going to stop until he got me.

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