My Liam Payne fanfiction/Short story <3


2. The Concert

Chapter 2!!(:



Chapter Two: The Concert

Authors Note:

Sorry about the spelling mistakes in here! I'm updating on my phone, so it's not the best! Because sometimes it doesn't do AutoCorrect.. Which is weird! Oh, and when they say 'LOL' or 'OMG' I actually mean to out that there But anyway.. Here it is! (:



I straightened my outfit and looked at Ashley.

"We look awesome!" She shouted and hugged me. "I know!" I laughed and sgrabbed my shoes. We both walked out of the house and hopped into our car. I turned up the radio and it was just the everyday crap they play. I popped in my 'Take Me Home' CD and jammed out to 'Live While We're Young', today was going to be so awesome!

"Emma?" Ash said. "Yes?" "Thank you." She smiled, "for?" I asked, "being the best friend ever. Your so amazing, and I'd die if I ever lost you!" She said, "aw, thanks Ash. Your amazing as well, I love you!" "Love you to, now turn this up!" She laughed and I turned up the song 'Kiss You'.

"Oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends, making them drool on their chinny -chin-chins! Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight, baby be tonight. Yeah!" We both sung aloud as we hit the highway, we drove threw the horrid traffic and pulled off to the exit.

"Eek! We're almost there! My stomach is jumping up and down!" She laughed, I laughed with her. "I feel it to! Don't worry!" I chuckled.

We pulled in the Parking lots and got out if the car, "OMG! Emma! This place is huge! I'm so excited!" She shouted and we both walked up to the huge line if girls waiting to get their tickets scanned so they can sit down. "Wow, the line is ginormous. How long do you think it will take?" I asked, she laughed. "At least and hour."

We made time fly by playing some games in our PSPs we brought, we needed to save battery's in our phones! We looked around to see I we can find the boys, and finally.. After 48 minutes of waiting we were up there. "Tickets please." The man said and scanned them, he nodded and let us threw and I gave him a thank you.

We ran down the stairs looking for our seats, we were Section AA row 1 seats 8-9.

We found them an sat our stuff under our seats. "Oh my gosh. I'm so nervous and excited! I might just crap myself!" I laughed, she laughed along.

"Hello Everyone!!" I heard a Irish voice shout, I looked over from Ashley and up on the stage was Niall! "Hi!!!" I shouted and waved, "how are you guys?" He asked and girls screamed. I saw the other four boys walk out and smile at everyone. "You guys ready?" Louis Shouted and music started.

'Do you remember summer 09', wanna go back like pressing rewind..' Harry sung, me and Ashley looked at eachother and just smiled and sung along. This was amazing!


"I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who attended this show! You are all absolutely amazing! We love you! Have a great night and we will see everyone backstage!" Louis shouted, me and Ashley started jumping and we walked back over to the backstage area, showing the guard our pass.

He showed us to a room, we walked in a saw the boys talking and.. Shirtless..

"Hi!" Zayn said and got up off the couch to hug us. "Hi.." I smiled and waved slightly, "what's your names?" Louis asked. "I'm Emma!" I smiled. "And I'm Ashley." Ash said, Niall was like.. Scanning her or something! He looked glued! She's probably Fangirling so hard inside!

I took a picture with all of them and then some individually, of course I was changing my Twitter picture to it! How could I not? Me and the boys talked about random stuff there and there, while Niall and Ashley were getting to know eachother more, they were already the cutest couple in the world!

I really enjoyed my time together with them! I wish I had gotten one if their numbers, but I guess that didn't happen! On with my life I guess!

We hopped in the car and made our way home, "Wanna stop by Starbucks?" Ashley asked, "Sure! Sounds good." I said and turned to the Starbucks.

We both walked in and ordered our yummy yummy drinks, we sat there waiting for them and watched the football that was playing on the TV.

"That was seriously amazing." Ashley said, "I know.. Best concert of my life! I wish I could go back.. I really wanted one of there numbers!" I laughed and the lady sat our drinks down. I smiled and said thank you. "You know, I talked to Niall.. He said he'd follow me on twitter, maybe I could ask him to hangout sometime and you'll be able to hook up with your boyfriend!" She laughed and winked, "Oh shut up! He's not my boyfriend," I lied to her.. I was obviously kidding though, she could tell because my cheeks were bright red! "Whatever! You totally dig Liam!" She laughed and sipped her drink. "Fine. I do, but if you do vet get ahold if Niall.. Don't tell him!" I said, she was laughing again. But I was serious.. He was too cute! I didn't want him seeing this mess!

"Emma. He'd totally dig you! He's into the sweet girls, you to would be so cute together!" She smiled. "Thanks. But you and Niall would be better." I said. "What are we talking about? Like relationships will ever happen!" She laughed, "I know right, this is awkward!" I laughed,

"We should head home, I'm hungry!" She said. "Nope, we're going out tonight. I need a break from all the crap in the house!" I said and she nodded. We both paid and headed out to eat, favorite restaurant of course!

We hopped in the car and drive to the restaurant, we both got out and headed in.

Not only seeing something I wanted to see, now this was cool!

One Direction were here!

"O.M.G! There here!" Ashley said and tugged on my sleeves. "Let's go say hi!" She shouted, "to late! We're here first!" Harry laughed and said Hi. "Hey!" Zayn smiled, "Whybdont you eat with us?" He asked, I shrugged and smiled. "Okay! Thanks!" Ashley said and charged over to the table they were sitting at, "that's so funny were eating here the same as you!" Liam laughed, "yeah! Totally weird, we were gonna head home but Ashley wanted to go eat!" I laughed and ordered my food. "So, how are you guys?" Liam asked. "I'm wonderful." I said and put my hand under my chin. "Awesome!" Ashley smiled and looked at Niall. "Hold on.. Just a moment.." I said and grabbed Ashley. "Don't you think you and Niall are.. Moving to fast?" I said, "No! We're not even dating." She said, "yeah, but your looking at him like you wanna eat him.." I said and chuckled. "Whatever! Lets just go eat!" She said and pulled me. "Not Niall!" I laughed. "Shut up!" I said under my breath.



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