My Liam Payne fanfiction/Short story <3


3. Helping Hand

Chapter Threeeeee<3




"So.. How have you been?" Niall asked, "Pretty good, but busy with alot if stuff, I think our schedule is just clearing up though." I smiled, "just a question.. How did you guys get here before us? I thought you were at the stadium." I asked, Liam looked over at me. "Well, there wasn't much people that wanted meet and greet, so our manager told us to go somewhere, and we got here pretty fast because little Lou over here was driving like a maniac and probably didnt use the brakes once." He said, "Wow.." I laughed a bit. "I think we're going to head out, maybe see you later?" Ashley said and flashed them a smile.


we both waved goodbye as we exited the doors. I got in the car and out the keys in the hole, but it wouldn't start.


"Dammit." I said and got out, I stood on the sidewalk waiting for an person to answer from the Taxi company. No answer, how awesome an professional! "You guys alright?" I saw Zayn say and walk out,

"Yeah we're fine- not really.. My car broke down and nobody's answering the phone for the Taxi Company." I said and pouted a bit, "We could take you home? We're just about to leave." He said, "No, it's fine, I don't wanna like, mess up your schedule or anything." I said, although how much I wanted to ride with them, I couldn't intrude. "It's fine, I promise. An we have a week or so off." He smiled and called for the boys, I looked over at Ashley and she looked like she was about to explode everywhere.

I chuckled a bit and the boys walked out. "Follow us!" Louis said and started skipping like a weirdo he his. Me and Ashley laughed and I covered my mouth, trying to hide the big laugh I have.

"Oh my gosh, how embarrassing.." I said, and felt the red full up my cheeks. "What? Your laugh is cute!" Liam said and smiled.


"Not really, I sound like a dying horse mixed with a pig that is drunk and is giving birth." I said, he looked at me wide-eyed and laughed. "Wow, you've got some humour in you." He chuckled, "Yeah, I get that alot." I said.

We all got in the car and buckled up.. Preparing for the Louis.

I sat in the very back with Ashley, and Liam. Harry, And Niall sat in the middle row, and Louis and Zayn sat in the front.

"Guys, I was thinking maybe we could head over to beach, I heard nobody was going to be there." Louis said, the boys agreed and we pulled up to my house. "Thanks guys." I smiled and got out, "We can call someone to drop off your car for you, If you want." Harry said, "That would be amazing, thank you guys, I had a wonderful time!" I smiled an closed the door. "That was fun," I said to Ashley as I unlocked the front door of our house. "Very.." Ash said, probably daydreaming again about Niall. I walked in the house and saw my dad on the couch. "Hi dad." I said and walked over to hug him. "Hi sweetie. Where have you been?" He asked, "I was at the One Direction concert and I went out to eat with Ashley." I said, "Oh," was all he said, "Well, I'm gonna go upstairs.. I'll see you.. later.." I said and walked up the stairs, I think e was in a very bad mood or something because I could feel the intensity between us, I just tried to let it slip.

I walked into my room and jumped down on my bed, heading head first into my pillows.

"Goofball!" Ashley laughed, "I think I should call Niall.." She smiled and pulled out her iPhone, I nodded and just went on my Twitter and Facebook.

"Hey Niall.." I heard Ashley say on the phone, I giggled at how flirty she was being with him, she was just so adorable.

"No.. I don't think we can.. Emma might have plans." She said to him, all I heard was her side of the conversation.

"Haha, yeah, I'll ask her." She said and moved the phone from her ear. "Can we go to the beach with them tomorrow?" She asked, "Sure." I smiled, only because I get to see Liam, although I didn't even know him as much, he still looks like the biggest and cutest teddy bear ever.

She squealed in excitement and told Niall, I rested my head on my pillow.


"Emma! Get up please. It's 1 in the afternoon, were going to the beach, remember?" Ashley shouted at me, I flung out if bed and got up really fast. "Oh man, my stomach, I shouldn't if done that!" I shouted and put my hand on my stomach, I took a deep breath and walked over to my closet, looking for clothes. I found my pink and black stripes bathing suit and put that on under my shorts and a loose tank too that was cut right above my belly.

I let my hair down and brushed it, letting it stay natural.

Ashley walked in with her metallic blue bathing suit on, with shorts and a thin sweater with a huge heart on it, and her hair was in a messy bun.

I smiled, "You look gorgeous,"I told her and we both got in our converse, "thanks love, you do to." She smiled and we both walked out of the house, the breeze felt amazing on my skin, the warm, fresh smelling air. I breathed it in and the boys pulled up, "Hey guys!" Harry shouted and told us where to sit, we all got in and headed to the beach.

They were right, it was empty.

We all hopped out and the boys took off their shirts and me and Ash took if our shorts and shirt. We applied some lotion on our bodies and lied on the towels on the sand. "It's so gorgeous out." I smiled, "I know right, the boys look like there having fun." I giggled and looked at Louis and Harry splashing water on eachother, and Harry running away and arching his back and flapping his hands everywhere. Ashley and me started to die laughing, they were some weirdos.

I looked up and saw Niall walk over to Ashley, "Hey guys." He said and liked at Ashley, I could totally tell he was checking her out through the glasses he was wearing.

"Hi Niall." She said and hugged him, "you guys already seem pretty close." I said and smirked, "We kinda are, we talked alot last night in the phone, till what? 2 in the morning?" He said, my eyes grew huge and they started laughing, "To cute." Niall laughed, and walked back over to the boys. "You really like him don't you?" I asked Ashley, "you don't even know.." She blushed and smiled, "Aww, Ashley's got a feeling!" I laughed, the boys looked back at us, confused. I'll tell them when they get together, muahah!



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