My Liam Payne fanfiction/Short story <3


1. Ashley & Me

Here is the first chapter! enjoy! <3



"Emma! Get up! Tomorrow is the day and we need to go shopping!" Ashley shouted at me, I just groaned in response. "Please?" She begged, "Fine!" I shouted and got out of bed. For one, my hair was a mess. For two, its freaking Saturday, I need my sleep! Uhg, I know tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life, but seriously.. It's not going to be if I don't have my beauty sleep.

I changed into my outfit, my almost skin tight skinny jeans, and a white cardigan, paired with my favourite shoes, converse. "Are you excited?" She asked and grabbed ahold of my shoulders and started shaking me. "Yes Ashley! I'm very excited." I said trying to sound my happiest but failed, as long as she fell for it. "I know! I can't wait to see Niall! He's so sexy!" She moaned loudly and got really close to one of my Niall posters. I chuckled a bit and let my hair out of the loose bun it was tied in.

Oh, I forgot to introduce my self. My name is Emma Collins, I'm 18 years young, I live with my dad, my mom and him got a divorce. He's a busy guy, so I barely see him. I'm practically living with my best friend, Ashley, who was just fangirling over my Niall poster. My dad is always gone, so it's just us two, which is awesome!

I'm a really nice person, but I've got some sarcasm in me. Ashley and I work at McDonalds, so you have proof that not only fat people work there, we get sick of all the discounts and since we'd eat alot this first week or two we work there, after that its disgusting. "Hurry Emma!!" She shouted. Well that's it about me for now, I obviously have to go!


We hustled in the car and quickly drove to Walmart. "We're getting clothes... Here?" I asked, she nodded 'no'. "We're gonna pick up a few snacks and Ice cream, then we will go to that nice store, like Forever 21 or something." She smiled and parked, we both exited the car and walked into the store, we searched for the ice cream and grabbed it, searched for the chips, we found it.

We walked up to the cash register and the lady scanned our stuff. "16.57 please." She said, I handed her a Twenty and she gave us the bags and our change. We hurried to the car and then hopped in driving to Forever 86 or something.

~Āshleys POV~

I'm Ashley, 19 years young, single, bad background.. Something I will not speak of. I have my bestest friend with me almost all the time, but we definitely do not follow each other into the bathroom. I love her to death! We have the best times together, were always there for each other when were down or up. I can be a dork sometimes.. Or alot.. Whichever works for you. I love singing, dancing, partying, and boys! Especially when I'm single, but I also love having that one and only.


I hit the radio on and Justin bieber was playing, I hummed to the song and it started raining, I turned on the windshield wipers and looked over at Emma who was glued to her phone with a huge smile on her face. "What are you smiling at?" I asked her, she looked up an looked as if she were about to burst in joy. "One Direction just landed here! Holy cheesecake! The airport is right over there!" She said and fangirled. "Emma! Calm your pickles, were going to see them in.. 21 hours!" I said looking at my watch.. As in phone..

"I know, but I'm just so excited.. Never in a million years did I think I was going to meet the actual One Direction!" She smiled. "I know, we're very lucky though, a lot if people want to go." I said, "Yeah, so thank you Jesus!" She laughed and I laughed along, we pulled up to Forever 21 and got out pulling on our hoods. "It's freezing!" "I know!"

~Emma's POV~

We both walked in the building and a lady came up to us. "Anything your looking for?" She asked. "Nope, just browsing. Thank you." I said and smiled. We both walked over to the pants and I found some cute white ones with a brown thin belt. "I should get these!" I said and held them up to my waist. "Yes! Thoughs are so cute!" She said and I hung them on my arm, searching for a shirt. Ashley found some cute black pants with gems on the back pockets. "How about this green shirt?" I said, I held it up to me an it was gorgeous! It was sleevless, this fabric, not silk but kinda like it. It had a fold over collar, an it was button up. So cute! "Oh my gosh! Get it! And these shoes to!" She said holding up a pair of sparkling heels. "Holy Crap Ashley! Yes!" I shouted, we both laughed and I helped her pick out more clothes. We both went up to the cashier and bought them, it all rounded up to about 168$, crazy, but totally worth it.


"Ashley, what time is it?" I asked as we both sat in the car driving home. "7:46." She said, "I gotta get to sleep, I'm so tired!" I said and yawed. "Me to. I gotta cook dinner first!" She smiled and we pulled up to the house parking lot.

We grabbed our bags an quickly ran in the house. "It's pouring out!" I said and pulled off my jacket and locked the front door. "Ya think?" She laughed and took eat jacket off. I brought the bags up to our rooms and came back down the stairs with my plaid pj shorts on and a tank top on.

"Mac 'n' cheese?" She asked, "Sure, thank you." I said and smiled. I turned on some One Direction, I danced like and idiot and helped Ash make food.


"Oh my gosh, best dish ever." I laughed as I finished cleaning my plate and washed it. "Thanks lovely!" She smiled and rinsed hers too.

"I'm gonna go to bed, see you in the morning!" I said and walked up stairs. She smiled and cleaned up before going to bed.

I walked over to my bed and layed down, all that was going through my head was tomorrow. I cannot wait!



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