Starring One Direction

You've heard the story-girl meets boy, girl meets another boy, girl meets a third boy and has to choose between them, meanwhile dancing backup for their tour and having to deal with blackmailing manipulative psychos.
Okay, so maybe this isn't your typical story.
Emily is back, finally settled into her new life as Niall Horan's girlfriend.
She has it all: the guy she knows she loves, the best friend she can't live without, and a new movie on its way as she pursues her acting career.
But when Emily is confronted by her past, things get turned upside down.
Will her love with Niall stay strong, or will she be forced to leave behind everything she's come to know?

*A Threequel to "More Than One Direction" and "Choosing One Direction"*


23. Total Eclipse of the Heart

Here is brief summary of what's happened so far (to save you from having to read it all again): Emily was casted in a movie, alongside the boys. They are all thrilled to work together, until they discover the movie is an exact recap of Emily's entire history with the boys- kissing, dates, and all. Until Paul can get to the bottom of it, they must continue working on the movie.

Emily runs into her ex-boyfriend, one who ruined her long ago. He is the main reason why she had such a difficult time choosing between the 3 boys- she didn't know how to feel for another person and she lost trust in men.

After Harry kisses Emily, admitting feelings for her, she tells Niall, who gets so upset he quits the band. He is angered by Harry's betrayal, especially after his whole history with Louis and Liam. Paul advises Emily to stay away from the boys until he brings them back together. Seeking comfort, she turns to her ex, Jake, who tries to gain her trust back. They go out to dinner, a way for Emily to accept him as a friend, but finds he only asked her out to try and get her back as his girlfriend. Niall sees them at the restaurant and storms out, not listening to any of Emily's pleas for forgiveness.

After Jake asks her out again, she says yes only if she can bring friends, hoping Harry will bring along the boys and especially Niall. She yearns to see him again, despite Paul's instruction. When Jake drives Emily home so she can call Niall, he hits on her. He kisses her against the door of his car, making her unable to escape. A mysterious tattooed stranger saves her, beating Jake up and driving away.

After going inside, Emily calls Niall to try to get him back, but once he discovers she was with Jake again, he says he needs more time. He assures her he still loves her. Thinking later that night of her mysterious savior, she distinctly remembers one tattoo on his arm: "Viva la Vida." Paul calls that night, telling her the person who exposed the story to the movie-makers was Ryan, the director of their tour last year. The movie is cancelled, as the confidential information cannot be released for the movie.

Emily is now jobless and Niall-less.

And now-- my return to this fanfic: chapter 19 of "Starring One Direction"

I go to the set about a week later to clean out my dressing room, along with picking up anything else I may have left behind. I give small smiles and polite greetings to everyone on set. They all look pretty upset about the movie ending, but I guess that's showbiz.

After collecting my stuff and leaving my trailer, I run into the boys. Well, I run into all of them but Niall.

"Hey," I say, careful not to say too much.

They all say some sort of hello to me, and I smile back at them.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Just picking up some stuff we left," Zayn says, motioning with a jacket.

"Wanna see our new tattoos?" Harry asks.

I'm still angry with him, so I turn to Liam. "Heard you guys got new tattoos. Can I see yours?" Liam lifts up his arm sleeve, and when I see it, I gasp.

There, in fancy printed letters, 'Viva la Vida.'

"We got them matching," Zayn says, lifting his sleeve up to reveal the exact same tattoo. Louis and Harry do the same, exposing identical tattoos. I nearly fall over.

"Th-those are nice."

"Yeah," Harry says, "I treated the boys. Ya know, so they'd forgive me."

"Yeah," Zayn says, "you can pretty much get me to agree to anything by bribing me with tattoos." I smile, but don't laugh, as one question bugs me.

"And Niall? What about him?" All the boys cast their eyes downward. Point taken.

"Well," I say, "I'm glad you all made up." I go to walk away, still dazed about the tattoos. I feel a hand grab my arm from behind me, and I turn to face Louis.

"What's up?" I ask.

"I just wanted to tell you," he says, "I've met someone else."


"I thought you'd wanna know, ya know," he rubs the back of his neck nervously, "I'm moving on. I found a girl I really care for."

"Oh. That's great Louis," I smile naturally, thrilled for him. He looks so happy.

"What's she like? What's her name?"

"Well, ya know how Paul is setting up new tour dates, or whatever?"

"Yeah," I say, though I have no idea.

"He figured it'll get Niall back in. We had a concert last night; it's been planned for a while, so Niall had to do it for his contract."

"Oh okay," I say, and just hearing his name makes my stomach coil.

"I met this girl there. She's amazing. She's beautiful, and Harry likes her friend. So we're doing a double date tonight."

"That's great, Lou," I say, happy to know Harry is moving on as well. I'm guessing he hasn't told me because he knows I'm still mad at him.

"So what's her name?!" I laugh, a little giddy that Louis seems so happy. I really want the best for him.

"Amanda," he says, still smiling, "She's amazing. Getting over you was so easy with her. It's like I've had a total eclipse of the heart."


AHHHHH! I know it's a short chapter but there's so much I hope you don't mind. Sooo:

Who do you think the mystery savior is?!?!

And more importantly for you Waiting for You readers, whatcha thinking?


I hope you guys love it as much as I do!!!!!!!!

Emily xoxo

Sorry this note is very scattered and random but I'm just so happy and excited I'm not thinking straight.

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