Starring One Direction

You've heard the story-girl meets boy, girl meets another boy, girl meets a third boy and has to choose between them, meanwhile dancing backup for their tour and having to deal with blackmailing manipulative psychos.
Okay, so maybe this isn't your typical story.
Emily is back, finally settled into her new life as Niall Horan's girlfriend.
She has it all: the guy she knows she loves, the best friend she can't live without, and a new movie on its way as she pursues her acting career.
But when Emily is confronted by her past, things get turned upside down.
Will her love with Niall stay strong, or will she be forced to leave behind everything she's come to know?

*A Threequel to "More Than One Direction" and "Choosing One Direction"*


14. Only Girl in the World

I consider walking away from Jake, but then I let myself process everything he's said.
I did break it off with him.
We were on a break.
I didn't specify whether we were seeing other people.
He didn't sleep with my cousin until after they had been dating a while, long after we'd broken up.
It may not have been his intention to screw me up, but I still blame him.
He said he loved me, but our break was just an opportunity for him to start talking to my cousin.
But I'm over all of it now.
It was years ago.
And while I'm still madly in love with Niall, it wouldn't be fair to deny Jake a chance for a date for something he did a long time ago. This could be a good chance for us to become friends.
I turn back to Jake, who's been waiting patiently while I make a decision.
"Fine, Jake," I nod my head, "one date. Tonight. Pick me up at seven. This means nothing- I'm still dating Niall."
A smile spreads across his face as he nods his head.
"Okay, deal."
While I get ready for my date, not anything too fancy- I'm only going on the date to shut him up- I turn on the news.
I expect to see something like, "One Direction Breaking Up?", but find it's just Kardashian drama.
Then I remember, Paul has managed to keep it a secret that I'm dating Niall, and that's been going on for months.
This is probably easy compared to what he's used to.
After turning off the television, I throw on a pair of jeans and a cardigan over my tank top.
I run a brush through my extremely long hair, and pull a strand of it back to bobby pin behind my head.
Looking in the mirror, I'm pretty satisfied by how I look, but I put a little bit of mascara on for good measure.
When it's 6:55, I throw on some cute flats and grab my phone and keys.
I leave my apartment, lock it up, and head downstairs to wait for Jake.
At 7 o'clock on the dot, Jake walks up, a bouquet of flowers in hand.
I can't help but smile at the gesture.
"Do you like them?" he says, noticing my smile.
"I love them! Just let me leave them with the doorman."
After giving them to Sal, the doorman, who promises to put them in water for me until I get back, I head back outside.
Jake is waiting patiently, and I decide to ask the question that's been drilling into my mind.
"Are we walking?"
"Yeah," he says shyly, "I figure it's a beautiful night, and the restaurant isn't far."
I nod my head in response.
We walk in silence, but it isn't too long before we've reached the restaurant.
He opens the door for me, and we're seated quickly.
I notice thankfully that it's not a really fancy restaurant.
We sit and have mild chit chat, nothing too personal.
"So have you been dating anyone?" I ask within our conversation.
"No, I've just been waiting for the right person."
"Makes sense," I take a sip of my drink.
He shakes his head, and laughs, looking down at the menu.
"What's so funny?"
"You were never good at picking up hints there, Em."
"What do you mean?"
I pause to point out to the waitress what I want on the menu.
He does the same.
I nod my head and give the waitress a kind and grateful smile.
When she walks away, I try my question again.
"What do you mean, Jake?"
"I mean- you're the right person I've been waiting for."
I nearly choke on my drink.
"Excuse me?"
"Listen, Emily. This date isn't just a chance for me to spend time with you. It's a chance for me to try to convince you to forgive me, to see the good in me."
"You're fine, Jake. I just have a lot on my mind right now."
Jake talks for what feels like forever, and my mind drifts to Niall.
I think of his smooth face, the way that the space underneath his eyes puff up when he smiles. The way the wrinkles by his nose magically appear when he laughs.
I think of when he holds me, how he wraps his arms tight around me.
How his blue eyes glisten in almost any light, and how he bites his bottom lip when he looks at me.
The way he tells me he loves me.
When I get out of my Niall daze, I see that Jake has continued talking, and I catch the end of his speech.
"I just really miss you. I just wanna be with you again. I want another chance. I need another chance, Em. I've never felt this way for anyone else. And seeing you at the movie set just reminded me of how I feel about you. I know I can treat you right- I won't mess it up this time. I'll make you feel like the center of my universe, like the only girl in the world, if you let me try."

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