Starring One Direction

You've heard the story-girl meets boy, girl meets another boy, girl meets a third boy and has to choose between them, meanwhile dancing backup for their tour and having to deal with blackmailing manipulative psychos.
Okay, so maybe this isn't your typical story.
Emily is back, finally settled into her new life as Niall Horan's girlfriend.
She has it all: the guy she knows she loves, the best friend she can't live without, and a new movie on its way as she pursues her acting career.
But when Emily is confronted by her past, things get turned upside down.
Will her love with Niall stay strong, or will she be forced to leave behind everything she's come to know?

*A Threequel to "More Than One Direction" and "Choosing One Direction"*



Hey everybodyyyyy,

Yes, it's really me. Emily, nialls-sexslave.

I know it has been about 5 months since I stopped writing but let's just say I'm back and ready to give you guys more!!!
Hope everyone is ready for the conclusions of Starring One Direction and Waiting for You!


I know I am really excited!

I'm sorry I left you guys all hanging and that it's taken me this long to bounce back.
I will try to update soon. I'm re-reading all of my stories so I remember everything when I start again.

I hope you're all as excited as I am!


Love you all,
Emily xoxo

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