Starring One Direction

You've heard the story-girl meets boy, girl meets another boy, girl meets a third boy and has to choose between them, meanwhile dancing backup for their tour and having to deal with blackmailing manipulative psychos.
Okay, so maybe this isn't your typical story.
Emily is back, finally settled into her new life as Niall Horan's girlfriend.
She has it all: the guy she knows she loves, the best friend she can't live without, and a new movie on its way as she pursues her acting career.
But when Emily is confronted by her past, things get turned upside down.
Will her love with Niall stay strong, or will she be forced to leave behind everything she's come to know?

*A Threequel to "More Than One Direction" and "Choosing One Direction"*


9. Irresistible

Before I have time to comprehend what he's said, Harry crashes his lips into mine.
I try to push him off, but his strong grip on the back of my head prevents me.
Finally, he loosens up, and I push him off  forcefully.
I spring up off of the couch.
"What the fuck?"
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he says, standing.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?"
I wipe my lips with the back of my arm.
"I'm sorry, I'm just-"
"Completely out of your mind! Insane!"
"No! I just-"
"Niall is going to KILL you!"
"No, please don't tell Niall."
I let out a single laugh.
"HA, you honestly expect me not to tell him?"
"Yes, please. Aren't you my best friend?"
"Well I thought so- until you went around kissing me!"
"I had to."
"Everyone else got their chance."
"WHAT? Everyone else got their CHANCE? What the hell am I, a fucking arcade game?"
"No, I'm sorry. Please."
"Please what? Not freak out? Oh, okay Harry, let me just pretend this didn't happen!"
"That's not what I mean. Just don't tell Niall."
"I'm telling Niall."
"Can we just talk about this first?"
"What is there to talk about?!"
"Emily, calm down."
I take a deep breath.
"Okay, fine, what now?"
"Sit down," he says as he does so.
I slowly sink onto the couch a few feet away from him.
"I'm really sorry Emily," he says sincerely, "I just really wanted to see what it would be like."
"I don't know, I really like you."
I sigh. This is too familiar.
I rub my face with my hands.
"I know you don't feel the same, obviously. I just wanted to test my feelings for you."
"I'm not just a game Haz."
"I know..." his voice drifts off.
"But why NOW Harry?"
"You were just...too irresistible."

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