By Accident

There's one side, then there is the other. Then there is the truth.


7. "You aren't a very good hider..."


I dropped my hand from Darrell's spastic face. Seriously? Out of all the people that has to see us, it has to be them?! Darrell was freaking out on the inside. I could tell. I grabbed her doughnut and stuffed in her mouth before she started screaming. The boys continued laughing and harder. 

"Attention Passengers, Flight RF54 to America is boarding now, Flight RF54 to America is boarding now, thank you." I grabbed Darrell's arm and our bags and pulled them towards the line that was forming. Please, please don't let the stupid band have the same flight as us! I looked behind and sure enough, they weren't there. Praise the lord!

We soon got on the plane. I love first class. I sunk back in my seat, sipping my coke while Darrell had a One Direction tweet fest. She should thank me for giving her those 207k followers. Surprisingly she was still eating her doughnut. Many people passed slowly. 

"Put away your phone before you get told off" I whispered. She shrugged and continued fast typing on her phone like it was her job. I gave her the window seat, she should be happy and appreciate the view of planes landing and taking off instead of  tweeting random things. I let my head fall back in frustration. Many people passed slowly. Out of boredom I started to count the people passing. 

1. Some old lady and her husband

2. An attractive boy about my age with an American accent <3

3. Some Taylor Swift wannabe and her parents

4. Twin girls wear pink head to toe about 7 years old and their over-romantic parents

5. The curly haired freak from the band

6. Tanned quiff guy from th-

Wait a minute. No, no. I grabbed  Darrell's pillow and shoved it next to my face so it was out of view from the people passing in the aisle. Ok, breathe. This wasn't going as planned. I wanted  a boyband free flight with my iPod and champagne.

"We can see you love." a deep British accent hovered above me. Damn. I looked over the pillow to see Zayn and Harry staring at me/the pillow. I moved the pillow away from my face and did a quick scan if the rest of the boys were there. It was just them. Ok. 

"You aren't a very good hider. Who are you hiding from?"Oh you know, just a stuck-up, snobby British boyband that is alot like you. "Uh, I'm not hiding, Just trying to sleep." I shrugged.

"Right." Zayn smirked. "What do you want anyways?" I said. I looked over to Darrell who was too busy interested in her phone to notice what is going on. "To talk to a beautiful girl, is a it a crime?" Harry flirted. I raised an eyebrow. I looked back down in my lap and felt them brush past me to move down the line. I looked behind me to see is the other boys were in the line. Sure enough, they were. Dont look at me. Please.


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