By Accident

There's one side, then there is the other. Then there is the truth.


4. Sleepover Madness

Darrell's POV

Carl and I sat there staring at Aria,  completely oblivious to the situation. She looked up from her phone. "What the hell are you guys staring at?" "Um, what was the call about retard?" She threw a pillow at him. "Well, wanna go to the TCA'S?" "Uh, a hells to a YES!" I shouted. "When is it?" "Kat texted me and said it was on the 10th of March, plane tics are included." Carl groaned and let his head fall onto the pillow. "What?" I asked. "My girlfriend's birthday is then. I have to fly to Australia to meet her family and stuff."

"So you have been flirting with both of us when you have a girlfriend? Douche." I said playfully. It as his turn to throw the pillow at me. "Who is it? Dakota? Minnie? Jane? The other Dakota? Ashleigh? Anna? Gwendoline? Sally? Kati-" "Shut up! Geez!" I yelled at Aria. Carl chuckled. "Nope, Cathy." "Eew, you mean the girl who dumped you? You hated her!' "Nope a new one." We both raised an eyebrow at him. "I like girls! Live with it! Anyways, back to the point, I cant go, sorry" We gave him a sympathetic smile. "If we win a award, I'm keeping it at my house." he grinned.

We chased him around my apartment until we were all worn out. "Let's get to bed" I suggested. "Tomorrow we are going shopping for our outfits while Carl can go spend time with his dad." they nodded in agreement.

- - - - -

I woke up to the smell of... Kim Kardashian? I looked up to find Carl waving my perfume bottle in front of my face. "How the hell did you get that?" "Your bedroom. Now get up before I pour this down the drain." My eyes widened. "You wouldn't." I hissed. He ran off without another word. I chased after him. He ran into the guest bedroom. I didnt know here he was, I checked under the bed but nothing. I continued looking when Aria came in. "Hey breakfast is ready." Carl jumped up and out from the chest of drawers and walked past up shoving the bottle into my hands. I rolled my eyes and put it back on my dresser, and followed Aria out the door.

After breakfast, a food fight and a clean up sesh, Aria and I started getting ready for the day.Carl left before the cleanup, bastard. He always does that. I handed Aria some of my clothes and we got changed. I grabbed my car keys and left.

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