By Accident

There's one side, then there is the other. Then there is the truth.


3. Invite

Aria's POV

Another successful Friday. I love my life. Carl, Darrell and I decided to head home and have a lazy sleepover. We do that nearly every week. I told mum we were heading to Darrell's apartment. Lucky her. She lives on her own but when I'm 20, I can move out with the money I make. We can all live together and live in the world of cookies.

When we arrived Carl headed to the kitchen to make popcorn and his famous dips while Darrel set up the blankets and pillows in our living room and I chose a movie. I then quickly changed into my fave pajamas i left here from last time. 

In the middle of "Wreck it Ralph" my phone rang. "Unknown." I picked it up anyways. "Hello?" "Hi! It's me, Katrina? Remember me?" "OMG! Hi!" I quickly excused myself from the room.

"What's up?" I met Katrina at the last Teenage Choice Awards. She helped me with everything (I presented the award for best Drama TV Series ;) like a boss.) "Wanna come to this year's awards? I know it's a late invite but hey! If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be able to come! So how about it?" I squealed "YES YES YES!! Can I bring Carl and Darrell?" "Definitely! You three will present the Best New Artist award." "OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!" "Ok, you are paying for my ear checkup, I'll send you the deets ok? Bye." "BYE"

I ran back in the living room jumping and squealing like mad. Carl threw popcorn at me. "Y'all cleaning that up." Darrell pointed to him. We all laughed.

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