By Accident

There's one side, then there is the other. Then there is the truth.


1. First Call

- Picture above: Aria in the studio -

I decided to experiment on how to make my Movella better so Polyvore came up so here this is. Enjoy!


"Sweetheart, you are nearly on." I smiled at my mum as she walked away to the elevator. I walked down the hall continuously saying hi to everyone. I slid in the booth and plopped the headphones on. 

Carl poked his head around the door. "Hello!" "What do you want Carl?" I groaned as I took off my headphones and rested them on my lap. Carl was the most annoying, flirtiest, snobby guy at school. His dad works here and he is here everyday after school. Ugh. All he wants is my body, cause you know... I am beautiful ;). Hehe.

"I just wanted to wish good luck to my talented girl." I rolled my eyes. "Right. I am not your girl..." I said standing up. "Not yet." he said walking up to me close enough I could feel his breath on my cheek. "Well... I am single and ready to mingle..." I said seductively trailing my fingers up his torso. He gulped.

I slapped his chest hard, "you better smack yourself if you think I like you!". I stormed out into the hall to run into Darrell. "Yes! You're here!" I shouted. "Vas up gurl?" she shouted back. "You ready for a freaky Friday?" "Oh yea!"

For those people who don't know, I'm Aria Rivers. Talented; model and radio star. My mum works at the most popular radio station in London, so hey?! Why not? I gave it a shot so now I have a daily shows on Fridays and Sundays. On Friday it's "Ask Aria" and on Sundays "Themes" where I just say random things. Sometimes Darrell, my best friend, helps me out and today is one of those days. I'm the third most listened to in London and I'm the funniest teenager in this generation. Haha. No but seriously. I'm 19 and  successful model. I've been praised with love. ;)

We walked back into the booth with Carl following us. All three of us sat in the booth as we put on the headphones. Katy tapped on the glass and indicated I was on in 10 seconds. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1-

"Hello Superheroes. Chillin. You are listening to Ask Aria where a random no one who know nothing, zip zero, nudda, gives you relationship advice ;) Alright, lets get to it shall we? First caller. He-llo"


"Hey sweetie, whats your name?"


"Hi Lily, what's your problem?"

"I'm, uh, 16 and I'm with a 22 year old guy. He hasn't done anything for me not to trust him but my intuition tells me he is unfaithful. I don't wanna confront him without any evidence but I feel like I can't love him until I know i'm the only one. What do I do?"

"Can I be honest with you?"

"Of course"

"I'm not gonna lie, but I'm really tempted to send you the kids help phone number." She replied with a laugh.

"Your situation scares f the out of me. Don't take this the wrong way but honey, you take cootie shots, he takes tequila shots. You play see see my playmate and he... see sees that playmate. You probably play handball in your spare time and well... you know what I mean. You seem like an intelligent girl! Don't be offended, I'm not calling you a kid but really re-evaluate your relationship and if your intuition gives you a sign, listen to it. It's there for a reason!"

"Are you saying I need to break-up with him?"

"Sweetie, you called me for advice, now advice doesn't have to be taken but if you think breaking up with him is the right thing to do, do it! Follow what your heart says, not what your body says. I hope I helped."

"Thank you very much, I think I know what to do now. Thank you!"

"Your welcome sweetie, bye! Well everyone, first caller for the day, who is next?" Carl quickly selected a button on the panel.


"Hi, it's Aria!"

"Hi, I'm Danielle."

"Well Danielle, what seems to be the problem?"

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